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537: More Florida: Neil Blender at Kona 1981?

Neil Blender on the ramp at Kona (Florida)

Click the image to view via KonaSkatepark

I found this while I was looking for something else…its cool when that happens. There are a couple more of these via Kona. I will attend to entering them into the archive post haste!


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501: Paul Wisniewski at the Ark circa 1984

Paul Wisiewski 1984

Cool picture from back in the day of Paul Wisniewski from circa 1984 (judging from that lawn chair and the jpeg title which read Paul Wisniewski maybe 1984 at the Ark) Been  meaning to post this one for awhile but I cannot remember who sent it to me…so if you are out there let me know. Also anyone remember The Ark? If so tell us about it.

That is all

Jason Oliva