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486: The 78 Ditch Revisited

I heard about the 78 ditch about two weeks ago, and ever since we’ve been in a frenzy to find its exact location. I was in contact with Jason Oliva, an old school skater who hit the place over 20 years ago. Through searching Youtube, some blogs by Jason on House Of Steam’s account, and some extensive Google Maps usage, we were able to locate the 78 ditch. We followed the fence, did a little house keeping to make it skateable again, and documented with stills and video. The “Green Door,” some rails, plenty of tags, and drop-in points are all there. It was an awesome day and lots of people went in to making it happen. We will definitely be there again. For anyone that needs the help, contact us for directions. We will bring back to glory of the 78 Ditch!

Pj Zavorskas

-Jan 27 2010

Chris “Weep” Blank circa 1986

Photo Ben Cornish

Nice work PJ!!

I cant believe how overgrown it is most of those trees on the righthand  side were not even there 22 years ago…you could be seen skating it from the highway now its nice and shady. So the cycle continues…Most of the grafitti on the ditch was there before any of us showed up in the mid 80’s I also remember a guy named Ray Bolbe(sp) would be there riding an old school long board. I dont think we will ever know who found it first but it was not us so things get passed on. Cant wait to see it again when I am back in the states.



PS here is how it looked in 1988 from a Film Ben Cornish Shot of myself and Michael Pruskowski

292: Benjamin Cornish presents: 78 Ditch

Video Benjamin Cornish

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Looks like Corn has finally opened the video vault! 

So this is the 78 ditch 1987 located in good ole N-Jay. I know this because I am driving (in the extended version we almost get into an accident) my red Super-Beetle and that is Dan Tags picture on the dash board. Skating  is Mike Pruskowski (shorts) and myself both sporting  vintage matching Burton Powdershells (which, while waiting to rent a snowboard at Killington 9 years ago someone offered me 900 dollars for) Black and red ramp ravaged  Air Jordons and a Pipeline skatepark t- shirts, oh yeah and I was skating an Alva board with really weird concave. Sorry no kickflips an such back then, just alot of grinding, snake runs and an occasional boneless.

too cool, More Corn Video’s to come

Jason Oliva

281: New Jersey’s Route 78 ditch…Those were the days!!

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks to Johnny V. for this gem. 

We skated here in private, all the time.  This video does not show how steep it becomes toward the end. You had to exit at high speeds across a small patch of grass affectionately reffered to as the “Green Door” . Weepy ruled the place.


Dj King Weep 78 Ditch 1986

Photo Ben Cornish