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465: Happy Holidays from The House of Steam

Edgewood circa 1986

Photo Jason Oliva



Happy Holidays to all 201 skaters currently listed in The House of Steam archive  also Happy Holidays to all the readers and supporters of THOS.

Best Wishes

Jason Oliva Artist


411: The House of Steam in The Smithsonian!..Everyone say thank you Jim Murphy…..Thank you Jim Murphy.Ramp it up Opens June 12th at The National Museum of the American Indian, Washington D.C.

War Ppony

Members of the 4 Wheel Warpony skate team (White Mountain Apache). Photo courtesy of Dustinn Craig (White Mountain Apache/Navajo), 2008.




National Museum of the American Indian

“Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America” Opens at the National

Museum of the American Indian

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian will open “Ramp It Up:

Skateboard Culture in Native America” Friday, June 12, in the Sealaska Gallery. One of the most

popular sports on Indian reservations, skateboarding has inspired and influenced American Indian and

Native Hawaiian communities since the 1960s. The exhibition celebrates the vibrancy, creativity and

controversy of American Indian skate culture and will be on view through Sept. 13.

The exhibition includes 28 objects and 45 images, including rare archival photographs, film of

Native skaters and skate decks from Native companies and contemporary artists. Highlights include a

never-before-seen 1969 photograph taken by skateboarding icon, Craig R. Stecyk III, of a skate deck

depicting traditional Native imagery and 1973 home-movie footage of Zephyr surf team members

Ricky and Jimmy Tavarez (Gabrielino-Tongva).

“The museum is eager to show how Indian Country has embraced and changed skateboard

culture in America. The exhibition honors tribal communities’ efforts to connect with their young

people through a positive activity like skateboarding,” said Kevin Gover (Pawnee/Comanche) director

of the National Museum of the American Indian. “It is a vibrant visual documentation of an emerging

culture unique to Native American youth.”

The exhibition features the work of visual artists Bunky Echo-Hawk (Yakama/Pawnee), Joe

Yazzie (Navajo), Traci Rabbit (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) and Dustinn Craig (White Mountain

Apache/Navajo) and highlights young Native skaters such as 20-year-old Bryant Chapo (Navajo) and

10-year-old Augustin and 7-year-old Armondo Lerma (Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians).

As skateboarding continues to rise in popularity in Indian Country, Native skaters and

entrepreneurs have combined core lessons learned from the sport: strength, balance and tenacity with

traditional tribal iconography and contemporary art to engage Native youth in their history and

culture. “Ramp It Up” examines the role of indigenous peoples in skateboarding culture, its roots in

ancient Hawaiian surfing techniques and the visionary achievements of contemporary Native skaters.

Skateboarding combines demanding physical exertion, design, graphic art, filmmaking and music to

produce a unique and dynamic culture. “Ramp It Up” illustrates how indigenous people and tribal

communities have used skateboarding to express themselves and educate their youth.


Jason Oliva


So how cool is this! Not only a first for American Indian skate culture but a first for skate culture in general being recognized by The Smithsonian. Jim Murphy will be a big part of this due to his years of activities with  American Indians and his Wounded Knee skate company.  In addition who do the major museums call when they need a “rare archival photograph”  of Jim Murphy for a world class exhibit? Well they call the ultimate online skate Museum…The House of Steam! That’s right folks (thanks Jim & Betsey!) we have contributed to the 45 images that comprise the exhibit…A fine hour for the THOS community, a fine hour indeed. Whether or not I will be donning a Tux and attending the shindig in July remains to be seen but if anyone in the D.C. area does head out to see the exhibit please email me some pictures. Hopefully they found a great place to Honor Team Steam member Jim Murphy with this gem….


proud to be involved,




Jim Murphy 1986 Edgewood

Photo by Jason Oliva

372: Edgewood circa 1986 photo Jason Oliva


Click photo to enlarge

Edgewood 1986 

Photo Jason Oliva

That last photo of Rocky inspired me to add a touch of art to some pics, here is one that has undergone some photoshop hero’ness.


161: The House of Steam Year One 2007


The House of Steam Logo Art By Steve Mannion

Hello All

Well by July 20th 2007 The House of Steam will be One Year Old!!

The archive currently has over 170 entries spread across 400 searchable categories.

In order to celebrate our accomplishment I have assembled a Year One Celebration video.

I would like to thank Sophie for all her help and support with the archive.

I would like to thank all the people I have been in contact with (especially via email) who have contributed photos, stories and most importanty time.

To me The House of Steam is an open ended community driven archive. What it does and where it goes is up to you so keep contributing. It is only a matter of time before The House of Steam becomes an important peice of skate history. It is not if it is when. I recall something sprayed on the outside wall of The Barn after it was all closed up, it said…The Time is Now.

so true.

thanks to the following:

Chris “Weep” Blank
Rocky Vertone
Dan Tag
Bernie O’Dowd
Tom Groholski
Steve Herring
Hr & Earl Hudson
Mrs Kane
Darren Menditto
Dave Dalton
Paul Wisniewski
Phil Rouchard
Micke Alba
Rodney Smith
Jeff Roenning
Chris Miller
Steve Mannion
Irving Plaza
Bucky Lasek
Rick “Steamboat” Charnoski
Captain John Ballon
Dan Wilkes
Jim Murphy
Rob Mertz
Ben Cornish
King Diamond
Greg Taylor
Michael Pruskowski
Brian “Kentucky” Boyd
Buster Halterman
Bryan Montez
Kevin McDowall
Jason Parkes
Jimmy Kane
Christian Hosoi
Geoff Graham
Jay Henry
Jeremy Henderson
Sergie Ventura
Dennis Kane
Rob Randolph
Kelly Ryan
Barker Barret
Dr. K
Billy The Kid
The Raging Lamos
Neal Hendrix
Bryan “Bouncing Souls” Kienlen

Ken Sigafoos
George Draguns
Scott Foster
Brent Jordon
Jake Egolf
Colin Peckham
John Egertson
Paul Frassenelli
Derek Rinaldi
Mike Vallely
Steve Kasper
Henry Gutierrez
Skip Winter
Sean Miller
Pete Furnee
Jt Murphy
DWG Vert Facility
Josh Marlowe
Tom “The Rock” Boyle
Jeremy Henderson
Pep Williams
Chuck Treece
Matt Klein

johnny OneNote!

Eric Grisham

Ben Cornish
Dan Wilkes
Dennis Kane
Derek Rinaldi
Geoff Graham
Jason oliva
Jay Cabler
Jeff Roenning
Ken Salerno
Kevin McDowall
Steve Rosenberg
Rick Charnoski
Cody Casserio
Mike Mazur
Mr. Groholski

The Raging Lamos

If I missed you Im sorry…I’ll add you for sure!

Soooo. I hope you like the show! If you like the video please feel free to cut an paste it all over the inter-tubes…thats what its here for. Let em know where to find us.

I am going to take a week vacation…see you when I get back.

Oh Yeah look for the video on Grind TV as well!


Jason Oliva UK 2007


YouTubeSkate (Videos)


East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

133: More about Edgewood, Maryland…I did promise! Jim Murphy fast and furious and comments from a tru local Eric Gregory.

Jim Murphy Edgewood 1987 photo jason oliva the house of steam

JIM Murphy 1986 Edgewood Maryland (on the way to CCCC)

Photo Jason Oliva

wow, I’ve been searching for photos of edgewood for a long time.
I grew up down the street from this park, and skated there nearly everyday from 1986-1991 when it was torn down. I don’t believe anyone died there, the story we all knew was that a BMX kid broke his leg, his parents sued and part of the settlement, the park had to be torn down. I believe I was in 11th grade at the time, when I got a phone call from one of my friends right after school to get up there because bulldozers where tearing it down. I arrived about 15 minutes later, where about 15-20 locals stood there and threw rocks from the gravel parking lot at the bulldozer drivers, until we almost got our asses beat. the park right now is mostly broken up, and some kind of giant dumpster storage area.
Alot of us started going to landsdowne after that, but that park is no where near as rad, every lip at edgewood was heavily grinded, and most lipslideable, too. In some of thse pics above, some areas are filled in with dirt, from a previous attempt by the ownwers to make it unskateable. In the last year or two it was there, we all pulled together, rented a bobcat, a water pump, and alot bunch of wheel barrows.
A 4 or 5 ft. deep dish bowl area was cleared, the nasty water pumped out of the bowl, and a snake run to ditch connection cleared out, along with some stolen parking blocks brought in and stategicly placed.

It’s funny to see those pictures of Murphy because I remember those guys showing up once in a while and going off. I particularly remember them having Fred smith with them a few times, because he was the first non-biker I ever met to have full sleeves tattooed on them, (I later became a tattoo artist, and work at little vinnies westside tattoos, which was home to the pool in the fruit of the vine skating film.)

Alot of names I remember from skating there were Eric Griffen, Daylan, Pee Wee (Chris Levi), Chris Donato, Greg Bugian (SP?), Adam and Seth Ciferri, the Foster Bros. (BMX pros), Buckey Lasek, Jason Dodson, Scott Ingrasia, Mark Singleton, Dudes that rode for Reach for the Beach and Sports Elite, Rudy and some early black label dudes, and Tom Groholski-who gave me a set of vision wheels because I had a flat spot in mine and he said my board was too noisy. The picture of that day ended up in TWS. I’d like to find a back issue of that.
I have a few pics of that park, nobody famous skating it of anything, and would love to track down some video, I used to see people filming there so it has to exist.

Eric Gregory

I like the part about Tom giving you the wheels because you were making a racket.. he he, too cool….jason oliva

P.S. Send us those pics Eric….So says The House of Steam!!!!

Oh Yeah and since you know its location slap it on THOS map for us…thanks

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jason oliva

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27: Jim Murphy at Edgewood 1986


Jim Murphy at Edgewood Maryland 1986

photograph jason oliva

Spot the giant car with the huge grill? That was the “Tagmobile” (that’s Dan Tag for the uninitiated)


21: Edgewood, Maryland a must stop on every road trip to Cedar Crest


Edgewood Maryland 1986. At the top of the park is Dan Tag, Jim Murphy, and Darren Menditto.

photographs jason oliva
This was my first of several road trips to Cedar Crest Country Club in Virginia. We took Dan’s car (it was big and old) Darren and I where not old enough to drive so that was left to Murph and Tag (17 at the time). Murph led us to this spot and I dont remember ever going to C.C.C.C. with out stopping here.

From what I recall Edgewood was a 70’s skatepark (behind a gas station) that was eventually closed because a skater died. It was crazy steep and one continuous run, it had moments of vert and spots to grind. There where no platforms so if you went out it was over the cliff for you(seriously) . It sported cracks as thick as your forearm and ten million pebbles that could stop a skateboard in its tracks. Needless to say it was sketchy and gnarley and Murph road with out any pads…or a shirt.

I have lots of pics to post from this trip.Tag, Darren and Murph killed at C.C.C.C. (I mostly took pictures and pulled and invert or two) I think we stayed with Micro or one of the locals with a colorful name. Before leaving Murph traded a pair of Texas pads for a car (…really) off of some kid who lived on a farm. We got about 3 hours North on our trip back to New Jersey and the newly aquired “Murphmobile” died. Murph abandoned it on the highway (right after paying a toll, coulda saved a buck if it died alittle sooner) him and Darren jumped back in the Tagmobile and we headed home.

Coming soon…action shots from Edgewood and CCCC

Jason Oliva

Edgewood Two phot jason oliva 1986

Edgewood 1986 photo jason oliva

Edgewood three photo jason oliva

Edgewood 1986 photo jason oliva

jason oliva


East Coast Pride Groholski The House of Steam Jason Oliva