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318: Rick Steamboat Charnoski, Impact Zone NJ banging the roof?

Steamboat NJ circa the 90’s

Photo Ken Salerno

Ken Salerno sent me some cool pix I need to get in the archive. Here is one of our Hero Steamboat, “Team Steam” adorning his helmet and a big ole “S” on his board. Here we have him doing a large method air and banging his trucks on the metal roof beams. If you think its an accident here is another shot, apparently he was doing it all day. 

Nice one!!

165: Impact Zone Brick NJ Invert on Chair circa 91/92

Ian Reilly Invert on Chair Impact Zone Brick NJ jason oliva the house of steam

Invert on Chair Impact Zone Brick Township NJ

Dennis Kane on the Chair


Photo Ken Salerno

So this looks to be around 91-92 The Raging Lamos played at the indoor park in Brick Township… Ill let dennis tell it..


I think that that was at the Brick NJ indoor skate park (Impact Zone) contest/Raging Lamos jam (c. ’91-’92). You know the one. Jim sent in a group shot. (However, I may be totally wrong). I am sporting an old skull bucket that one of the Charno Brothers gave me, which I still wear. That might be Tag’s hand hold the seat. If I was to guess, Rocky with his hand up in the back. He often did that. I do not remember Ian by name, but that could be him. Anytime someone asks me to hold a hair for then to do an invert on, I always seem to say “Sure!”

dennis kane

This was a great day one of the last huge gatherings of Steam members as well…as this Geoff Graham shot shows:


Geoff Graham foto on the timer, getting in one last stage dive. Rounding out the roll call: Kelly Ryan; Rocky (Vertone), (Jim) Murphy, Dennis (Kane), Charno (Rick Steamboat Charnoski), Moose (Darren Menditto), (Dan)Tag, me (Jimmy Kane) , Barker, Weep (Chris Blank), Jason (Oliva), Al B(aker), Steve D, Dr K and Billy (Collectivelly known as The Raging Lamos).

I cant get enough of this photo!!

great day!!

Who new it would take 15 years before I would meet Ken Salerno and he was there snapping pics the whole time.

Nice one Ken!!

jason oliva


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