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467: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility: Gets bowled in for 2010.


The new Bowled end at DWG Vert Facility…. Here is the BEFORE shot

Photography by Paul Puccio

Remember how exciting it was when the ramp got a new layer!! Maaaan have times changed…Looks like Allen Gibson has decided to Bowl up the entire deep end of his Masterpiece….Looks like The East Coasters have it all wrapped up now…Bucky has his concrete Heaven out West and AG has his Wooden Vert Facility on the East…You do know you can Skate this…right? (On Saturdays only) Email me.


Allen “Guts n Glory” Gibson he has his home court dialed in

Irene Ching Vert Roller Skatings reigning Queen and Spokesperson.

If you Vert Rollerskate or Vert Skate and you  do not know of her….then you must! CLICK HERE

288: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility…….Allen Gibson says come one come all! Saturdays 1 to 4

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Attention Everyone,

I have been speaking with Allen and he has expressed a willingness to cultivate an ever expanding and exciting vert scene at his DWG Vert Facility in Blairstown NJ (Which I like to think of as The Barn 2.0™) Just shoot me an email with DWG as the subject and I will make sure you experience all the Saturday afternoon (1 to 4) fun. Please send pictures!

Like This!

Hi Jason,

This vid is from Sat. Allen has erected a 3.5-4 foot extension for anyone who’s up to the challenge. You will see his incredible frontside air off this thing!

Hope all is swell, Irene




Hi Jason- here are a few pics of my place – the ramp is in Blairstown NJ just
outside the Delaware Water Gap – I built it 3 years ago and it was
constructed by Team Pain and specifically Jeff Hammond – the ramp is a
smaller version of (Bob) Burnquists but with a bend from deep to shallow which
provides a very cool dynamic. 12 vert with 10.6 tranny, 13.5 on the
extensions, 7 shallow bowled corners. It is well heated for winter,
designed for natural light year round and well-maintained.

I welcome anybody who wants to come out and skate – I work in finance
during the week and my family uses this as our weekend home –

I haven’t had a moment to get myself linked into to site but I looked at it this
evening and you should be applauded for not merely a great job but you
have a real sense of the beauty of skateboarding!

all the best,


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Thanks for the kind words Allen.

Allen and I were introduced by mutual friends in NYC…Who would have known he had constructed East Coast Skatings best kept secret!…Well the cats outta the bag and Allen has asked for it..hope you have a BIG couch.. he he

Check out these shots!

Actions shots on there way soon.

If you want to get in touch with Allen you can contact him Via The House of Steam Forums…I have set up a Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility category.

and do not forget to checkout Team Pain for all your Skate Ramp Fantasy needs


Gentlemen I give you The Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility by Allen Gibson

Deleware Water Gap Skate Facility jason oliva the house of steam

Delaware Water Gap Skate Facility jason oliva the house of steam

Delaware Water Gap Skate Facility jason oliva the house of steam

Delaware Water Gap Skate Facility jason oliva the house of steam

Delaware Water Gap Skate Facility jason oliva the house of steam

Could not help myself. Lets visually compare and contrast The DWGVF with The Barn.

Barn photo dennis kane jason oliva the house of steam

photo Dennis Kane

Barn NJ jason oliva the house of steam

photo Derek Rinaldi

The Barn NJ jason oliva the house of steam

Photo Kevin McDowall

Dennis and Jimmy always liked that shabby sheik look!

Well could this be the new House of Steam! I’ll let Dennis Kane decide after his hopeful July visit.

Welcome to the archive/family Allen! If you want to ride at Allens drop him a line on our forums….and if you do skate their send us your pics……

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283: Furnee at Allan Gibson’s Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility..Hey look its Bryan Pennington!

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Looks like Pete and his Texan crew had a blast at Allan’s Uber ramp.  I still need to sort the who’s who in the gallery but for now here they are.

Good Stuff


Bryan Pennington in Blue
Brett Roper “Texas Glitter” in green
Allen Gibson in Gray
Brian Ross with Green Board…




169: Irene Ching!! Hail Hail the gangs all here. Circa 86 The Barn NJ

Irene Ching Barn 86 jason oliva the house of steam

Irene Ching circa 86 The Barn, NJ

Hi Jason,

I wanted to submit some photos of the Barn for your great website.

I had the pleasure of skating with Dennis and Jimmy Kane this past Saturday (July 7, 07) at the Delaware Gap facility.
It has been some 20 years since I’ve seen them last. Wow! It was a good time with Papo and Pup
(puppetsjazzbar.. clicky..jason) sessioning, too.
Of course, I brought my old collection of photos to show them, and that’s when they told me to contact you.
I hope they can be of use. I do have more pics of the Barn.

Thanks and keep up the great work,

Irene Ching

So I get introduced to Allen Gibson (DG Skate Facility) through mutual friends in NYC. Allen knows Menditto, Boyle..etc etc. I introduce him to Jimmy and Dennis Kane. They go to skate and Papo, Pup, and Irene are all there….too cool!!!

Irene has sent in some of the best pictures of The Barn to date and has a ton more for us!

Cant wait…here is a sample of the gems:

Jim Murphy jason oliva the house of steam barn 86

Jim Murphy The Barn circa 86

Pre Dread Zorlac John Gibson riding Jim Murphy!

Nice one Irene!!

PS..If you are in any of these photos send us a comment or an email! We are looking for you!!


YouTubeSkate (Videos)




East Coast Pride by Tom Groholski

Skateboardings Golden Age

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