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68: The House of Steam Logo…Dennis and Jimmy Kane’s Mom graces our presence..and a celebration for WEEP begins!!


Thar she blows!! The House of Steam Logo as drawn by our very own Stevie D!


If anyone is curious about “Bubbles” and the mini bike in the logo i’ll let Steve Mannion explain:

Hey Jason.
Bubbles was the Kane’s German Shepard who instinctively put out fires. She would stomp anything, matches, firecrackers, anything she saw on fire. In the spring, she would lay on the last patches of snow that were left, her arthritis was bugging her. Then they gave her the gas.
The Honda 50 just kinda layed around on the premises. It had a flat front tire so you had to kinda shift yer weight like you were about to pop a wheelie if you wanted anything like a smooth ride. Which made for some pretty sloppy steering. If we got bored, or we were hurt or just for kicks we would ride it around. Then I think the back wheel went flat and we still rode it around.


There you have it!!

…and now for Dennis and Jimmy Kane’s Mom!!


Mrs. Kane April 1986 Millington NJ Backyard looking towards where the Barn would be in relation to the house.

Photo Dennis Kane

The spring of ’86, I started my first year of college in Jersey City. I drove in everyday for class and skated at night and on the weekends. That Honda Civic wagon later became mine. To this day, that was the best car I even owned. After putting 225K miles on it, I sold it to Rocky Jr. and he later sold it to his little sister. Those were the days….

My mom got very emotional when she saw this site. See below. She wanted to post something, but she was afraid she would embarrass us….. No way. This is perfect. I’m sure she would be thrilled if you posted it.

>Dennis Kane wrote:
>> Mom,
>> Have you check out the House of Steam yet.
>> Don’t cry!
>> Dennis

—–Forwarded Message—–
>From: alananc00
>Sent: Nov 15, 2006 10:37 PM
>To: Dennis Kane
>Subject: Re: Fw: Check it! Jason Oliva here
>Hy Den, your e-mail finally came in. This is sooooo awesome, I can’t
>stand it…. Thank you so much for sharing all these memories with me.
>You said, “don’t cry”????? How can I help it!!!! This was a moment in
>time that was , as I look back now, so awesome. What makes it so great,
>is, that it still lives on….. I have to admit, at the time, it was
>not an easy time for me, but as I look back now, it was one of the
>greatest times for you guys. Funny, it all seemed so right after I got
>over the initial shock……To see the tribute to Weepy is so
>heartwarming, in addition to all the other guys memories of “The Barn”,
>is what is so great. Scary at first, to say the least, but, at least I
>knew where you were, and I know a lot of the parents felt the same way.
>Thanks hon, I will treasure this web-site forever. Luv ya, Mom

Mrs. Kane,

Thanks for making us wear our helmets: We all still have our marbles!

Thanks for letting us turn your backyard into a parking lot.

Thanks for letting us stink up the house with our gear.
Thanks for letting The Lamos play in the basement!

Thanks for giving us an alternative to all the vices the world throws at kids.

Thanks for giving our folks a good nights sleep.

Thanks for giving us a place to have a youth worth living and recalling.

Thanks for all your hospitality!

All our love to you,

Team Steam

The House of Steam

anyone whoever visited or skated the barn.

P.S. Please feel free to comment on the web site anytime the moment takes you…and don’t cry! (hehe)

As if this post could not get anymore emotional ….

We now interupt our regularly scheduled program for The Big Takeover. It will now be The House of Steam WEEP until the well of Weep related media runs dry.I encourage everyone to search under their beds, the back of their closets, and send me photos, stories, anything you want. As for the lurkers out there. Add your comments and join in the celebration!

Soooo don your ski caps, dust off your Black Uhuru cassettes, crack a bottle of Perrier and lets all go back to a time when Barfoot made skateboards and The Salvation Army was the place to buy clothes.


Me, Chris “Weep” Blank and a fiery red head at the back of the school bus. 1984?

I am sure we were on our way to my house to raid the fridge then skate a couple miles to David lacklands 8 foot wide ramp in the Watchung woods. I’m sure we met Rocky there too.



Let the celebration begin!

jason oliva

67: The BARN…History lesson part one (the late seventies)


Photograph by Dennis Kane

The fabled Millington (NJ) Kane House (photo by me). Always a cold drink, a hot meal and a place to rest and relax after a long session. It had a built-in pool and tennis court. But on occasion, the placed erupted and rocked with live Raging Lamos concerts, a pig roast or two, visits from the local Police and a sleep over or two. Endless tales of high jinx. Basically, the best place on Earth and ground zero in the mid 1980’s.


This is oldest know photo of The Barn. I think this taken (by me) in the late 1970’s (’76 -’79) pre-ramp. The Barn (and House) was originally built in the early 1900’s. When we moved in (1972), The Barn had been leaning down hill and was threatening to fall over. We had horses, cows and pigs in the stalls underneath. A construction company came in and jacked the whole thing up, leveled it out and rebuilt the foundation. You can see new block in the lower left corner. After that, the structure was solid as a rock. We ate the cows and pigs! The open window (at the top) was eventually covered with plywood to keep the weather out. After we built the ramp (another story), we set up lights, music, a big fan and a folded out couch, tables, etc. The barn had no power, so we ran extension cords from the house a couple hundred yards away (a very, very unsafe wiring set up). It was always fun when someone knocked the plug out of the wall while you were in the middle of a run. Pitch Black! Slam! After we sold the property and the power was shut down, we bashed holes in the roof and walls to let in more light. Eventually, it bull dozed. Gone forever. Until now, that is….

Dennis Kane

Nice one Dennis!

(coming soon)Part two…Building the ramp!

Whenever you are ready Dennis are bodies are all limp with breathless anticipation for the rest of the tale.

jason oliva

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61: Steve Mannion invert at Jeff Roenning’s Mt. Ave Ramp NJ circa old school


Steve Mannion Invert at Jeff Roenning’s Mt Ave ramp New Jersey

Photo by Jeff Roening

I dont know how old this one is but I remember skating Jeff’s ramp before I was in High School sooo I might carbon date this one at 84-85. Jeff chime in on the comments and let us know the year.

Look for some original House of Steam artwork from Steve Mannion soon.

Also look forward to alot more from Jeff Roennings personal files…good stuff!!!

Thanks Jeff!

jason oliva


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28: The Raging Lamos Make A Single 1991 Seven inch Skewbeee Doooo Records

Raging Lamos 1991 jason oliva The House of Steam







The Raging Lamos Make a Single!!! 1991 Seven inch Skewbeee Doooo records.

Blue Collar Artist and King of The Corn two great tracks from The boys.

Both tracks contain Rifle’en Fast Riffs and a Powerful Rhythm Section…

Dat’s Da Lamos my Bruthas!
Good luck finding this one even on Ebay.

jason oliva