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332: Ivy League Skatepark!! The New Padulos

princeton hilltop skatepark

Princeton Hilltop Skatepark

Princeton Hilltop Skatepark

Princeton Hilltop Skate Park Nearing completion


SO if Allan Gibsons is the modern day Barn 2.0 I think this Ivy League Skatepark should be dubbed Padulos 2.0. Dave has been keeping tabs on the completion of his new local skatepark (Princeton Hilltop Skatepark, NJ), I believe he has the kids all tricked out with old school Zorlac boards and has them practicing on their brandy new NJ driveway quarter pipe….Life is a circle my Bruthas!!


303: The House of Steam: July 20th, 2 Years!! Benjamin Cornish’s Super 8 Youth (The Directors cut)


Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Its 2 years on and here is how things stand:

100,000+ hits!! (right on the anniversary too)

274 entries into the archive scattered across 500 categories.


Lets also not forget YouTubeSkate with 8,000 hits, 46 videos and counting and a year old too!

No money generated.

No Money lost!

Lots of old friends catching up and getting together. Allan Gibson has put out an all call to skaters wishing to ride his Uber-Ramp. Wreckroom skates is putting out boards for three Steam riders, Dan Tag, Darren Menditto, and Bernie O’Dowd. I have a couple pictures going into an HR documentary and I had a cool email conversation with Guy from Fugazi. If you google/image search the word “signature” my name is number 2 on the entire internet(try it, its crazy!!). The 78 ditch is being ridden again by a whole new generation of skaters. Ben Cornish has dusted off his old films (Cant wait to see “Demo” again) I have gotten no better or worse at writing. SteamBoat released an amazing (cant wait to see it) skate film. Chuck is skating and performing.Jay Henry is still…Well, Jay Henry. The Padulos’s have a quarterpipe in their driveway again, for their kids. Mike Pruskowski is a Dad this year. Rinaldi is blogging away. Rodney opened a shop in the lower east side.Bernie is skating and directing creativity. John is sculpting.Tom Groholski chimed in with a killer essay on East Coast pride. Vallely always has great things to say here. Mertz is gonna be back in action as well as making music.  Rocky is spinning, Dennis is fishing. Taylor is blackberrying. 300+ people are trolling through our nostalgic past on a daily basis. Everyone will always miss Weep, JT,Sean, Hula and the rest. Anyway…

So two years ago on July 20th I posted a picture of the Barn on this free blog site. I have not done a thing to change the look and feel of the place since then. I am not sure why I did it at the time, I guess I wanted to throw up a flag and see who would salute. It was dawning on me at the time I had not seen some really important people in my life for over 10 years and I needed to change that. I always took pride in my skate photo album and I felt others took pride in theirs as well. I had hoped everyone would want to dust theirs off and compile it all in one place, The House of Steam  like a wing of the Metropolitan museum of art. So I guess its mission accomplished. The main thing I constantly take away from working on THOS is that we had some great early years, surrounded by cool supportive people and families. We had places to go, places to stay and we made our own decisions. Most importantly everyone seemed to  know at the time how good we had it then and how good we have it now. Life enjoyed/Enjoying life, so far so good.

Thanks to everyone who reads,contributes,comments,emails, sends pictures etc. etc. Also thank you for all the great comments concerning my art over at Http:// they are always appreciated (keep em coming!)

I will keep this post up for a bit while I get ready for year 3 and everyone can get a chance to drop a comment or even a suggestion.

Well without further adieu here is Ben Cornish’s SUPER 8 YOUTH in its entirety…Enjoy!



ben cornish


dave padulo

dan tag

rocky vertone



chris blank

simon curtis

dan tag

rocky vertone

jt murphy

jimmy kane

dennis kane

steve mannion

john ballon

bernie o’dowd

jason oliva

tim cornish

matt padulo

cornish chickens


dj king weep

apple x



bad brains

modest mouse

rambling jack elliot

266: Mrs. Kane avert your eyes at these Padulo brothers thumb their noses at the “Helmet Law” Ahhh youthful rebellion….The Barn 1986


Scanned in a few more photo’s this morning. These are of Matt and me at The Barn. I’m sure Mrs. Kane will cringe at our lack of helmets. Judging by Matt’s soaked shirt I’m guessing these shots were taken in the summer so it must have been really hot in there. These shots have to be from 1985 or 1986 because the old metal angle iron coping had been replaced for pool coping. I remember what a big change that was. The concrete coping really popped you out on airs and made for great lip tricks. Jimmy and Dennis could really grind on their home turf. A true sight to behold. I can still hear the sounds of the metal trucks scraping along the edge. Great stuff. The House Of Steam!

Dave Padulo Barn 1986

Dave Padulo Backside air The Barn NJ 1986

Dave Padulo Barn 1986

Dave Padulo Inver air The Barn NJ 1986

Matt Padulo The Barn 1986

Matt Padulo Backside air The Barn NJ 1986

Matt Padulo The Barn 1986

Matt Padulo Invert air The Barn NJ 1986

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

I would say 86 on these photographs because the coping came off of my families pool (Thank you Mom and Dad) around then. That coping was really thick like the business end of a baseball bat…and slick with white pool coping painting. Really unique stuff for a ramp at the time. I remember my Grandfather was at our house when Tag and Co. came by to pick the stuff up(don’t recall why I wasn’t there). Dan thought the way my Grandfather said “pool coping” in an Italian kinda way was funny. I listened to Dan call it poooool Cohhh ping for ages. Total Tag.

As for the helmet less Padulo Bruthas…..Its a good thing Mrs. Kane did not enforce her Helmet Law with a monetary fine, if she had, the 25 years of compounded interest on these two unpaid fines would be staggering by now!!

Nice One!!


264: Its the Bruthas Dave and Matt Padulo…checking in! Dan Tag’s ramp 1983’ish (Yikes!)

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Got an email from New Jersey’s one an only David Padulo, it read like this:

Stumbled across The House of Steam through a link on You Tube. Amazing archive of stuff here. I think you knew my brother Matt growing up in Warren. I’m sure we must have crossed paths. I skated with Dan, Jeff, Weeps, Rocky, Ben and the Kanes through the end of high school and unfortunately really lost touch with everyone when I went to college. Seeing all the photo’s brings back a flood of memories.
I have a ton of old photos of the first ramp Dan Tag and I built in his woods when he still lived on Red Hill Road and I lived on Olsen Drive. I have a bunch of our ramp as well, including a lot of shots from our driveway on the quarter-pipe. I’ll attach a few pics here from the ramp at Tag’s place. Thats me doing a backside grind while Dan looks on, the other is the full ramp with Dan landing a mute air, and goofy one of Rocky, Dan and my brother Matt. We must be around 12 or 13 years old. Amazing.
These might be too old school compared to the incredible shots you have here, but I thought you might get a kick out of them.
Keep up the great work!
David Padulo
Awesome pictures (exactly what I am looking for!!) here and hopefully more to come. I most certainly remember you (The Padulo brothers), we skated your quarterpipe and ramp on many an occasion. Great to be back in touch.
Dave Padulo at Tags Ramp 1983
Dave Padulo Mute air Dan Tag’s ramp (Dan Tag on deck)
1983 New jersey
Dan Tag at home 1983
Dan Tag New Jersey at Home 1983
Rocky Vertone Dan Tag Matt Padulo 1983
Rocky Vertone, Dan Tag, Matt Padulo..NJ 1983 Dan’s ramp
Well these are all total gems, cant wait to see more
Nice one Dave!!!