628: Shovel the ramp, shovel the driveway: Jeff Grosso’s Skateboarding Love Letter – Tom Groholski

Tom Groholski – The Barn – NJ 1985

So this is Jeff Grosso’s two part Love Letters to Sakteboarding : Tom Groholski episdode. Its great (although I cannot figure out how to embbed the video from Van’s sit into WordPress) here is the link:


Love letters are cool for sure considering THOS is a Romance Novel about skateboarding I have to say Jeff’s videos are amazing and he gives Tom some well deserved treatment. Lots of amazing footage, interviews and quotes from and about Tom…too cool.

after watching both parts of Tom’s video check out this Tony Hawk video and you can see how influential Tom’s style/brand of skating has risen to the top and has not only stood the test of time it has become the basis that modern ramp skating has evolved from. I could not help watching this 2012 Hawk video and not think about Tom and his influence.




6 thoughts on “628: Shovel the ramp, shovel the driveway: Jeff Grosso’s Skateboarding Love Letter – Tom Groholski

  1. jasonoliva Post author

    That is what I normally do but I have not been able to locate it on YouTube yet. These videos would get a lot more love if they would live and let go..ha ha

    Let me know if you find it!

    Thanks Dave

  2. HansFrank

    This is sort of off topic, i was trying to find your email but i guess i could just post it on here. i live in nj, and am looking for any current abandoned pools, if you can, can ya let me know if you know of any. please reply through my email, i dont realy want this question all over the internet. thanks,,, i heard about one in jackson but cant find it, do you know anything about that one? Thanks


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