609: DANGER!

Just wanted to wish you well with the show… I bet that you’ve
been quite busy preparing! Things here are finally cooling a bit, and the
skating is heating up. We’ve been hitting up some parks and will be going downhill tomorrow! It’s such a stoker— There has also been some improvements made to an existing park which was a drag, and now flows 100x better– it flows almost like Reading did. I’m being real generous comparing anything to one of my all time favorite spots! It really is fun though. I also received word on the Cherry Hill TG deck– It is available at Socal Skateshop or Big Block Distribution. It is a dream come true for me as it completes the circle by returning to my roots,while paying tribute to a park that I owe so much to. Again, have a GREAT show, and please post some photos!

All the best,


too cool…you get what you give, someone emailed me that recently.

cheers Tom and congrats on the board



4 thoughts on “609: DANGER!

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