608: If you don’t get to name it – can you own it?

We named this place ‘The Barn’:

This place was named ‘The Slug Ramp’ – first thing in the morning it was covered in Slugs:

This was ‘The Girl Ramp’ -evertime we arrived there were girls sitting near the flat, jawboning. Even though it has Dagnasty written across one wall it was still ‘The Girl Ramp’, Dagnasty was someone elses’s name for it:

This was ‘The Erasure Ramp’ because when Rick Charnoski showed up  that was the music they were playing, it could have just as easily been named ‘The Skinny Puppy Ramp’:

This is Rick Charnoski, we call him ‘SteamBoat’ if you ever skate with him you will know why:

Here is a ‘Captain’:

Here is a ‘Moose’:

This is a ‘Geeeee- ahf’:

We all have named this guy ‘Mike V’….. I like to call him that because I feel he stokes you five times more then any other skater today (that is a roman numeral joke by the way):

This guy had more names then I can list, and when he played guitar he used less pedals then a bicycle:

Growing up the jocks called him ‘Pee Wee’. His Brutha’s called him Wee Pee, Weeper, Weeps, King Weeps. I liked to call him WeepStarr because of GangStarr. His brother is ‘Sketch’ and we were all Sketch’s Brethies. Weep is riding the ’78 Ditch’ someone found it and  we called it that because we wanted people to find it and join us:


This is the ‘Kink Sink’:

If you did’nt find it, build it, or invent it can you name it and claim you own it? What will you call the things that are just handed out? This park was built to help keep the kids off of the war torn streets of Princeton NJ:

What happens when it is taken away? If you built it, found it or invented it…..why worry?  You have what it takes to start from scratch – to build or find something new…..

You are all my Brutics – that is the word  that appears when you  try to text the word Bruthas using auto spell on a cel phone.

Look around,

Jason Oliva Artist


6 thoughts on “608: If you don’t get to name it – can you own it?

  1. jay henry

    Love that picture of the barn, it was so battered and bruised at that point, the whole barn looked like a war zone! And thanks for the pic of me on the Erasure ramp!


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