605: Hey Murph! F’off…. from Bill

Jim Murphy & Bill Danforth 1987

Hey Murph

We had a lot of fun throughout the years.I remember our times together especially that day in 1987 signing autographs at the King of Prussia Mall but I have to say I am officially over you and you can F%&K Off


Too cool… Nice shirt wonder where I can get one?



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6 thoughts on “605: Hey Murph! F’off…. from Bill

  1. Chris Faulkner

    I thought I recognized that shop in KoP. Allied Hobbies, yep get your skateboards and other hobbies supplies all in one place.

    I bought my first (real) board there and used to stand and watch, the now, classic skate videos on the tv they had facing out into the mall.

    I am guessing, since there is VSW stuff in the shot, that this is after they moved the skate area to facing out of the front of the store rather than along the side when they used to have boards hanging from the ceiling.

  2. mike coyle

    when i skated for life’s a beach/BBC bad boy club, i had to call in to bill danforth and place my “order”…he was always way cool as @#$%! i would get a box stuffed to the rim with skate product! thanks bill! also, luckily, i got to sk8 with him at the stone edge skateboard park in daytona and on one occassion, partied over at his place rite off the beach…seem to remember that he lived in what appeared to me to be a “scary” neighborhood, but it was one heck of a party!

  3. jake egolf

    Just missed Bill and mike v here in atlanta on the glory bound tour.ahhh!! the shot here with murph and bill was taken when a friend and i went to meet the alva team in KOP. Jason; I think i sent you the pic of bill doing a sick nose pick in the pool at the reading skate park from an old transworld photo issue. put that shit up!!!

  4. Jim Byrd

    Coyle: BBC, the Phillips rocked, one of my favorite decks ever

    THOS tshirt…. yeah where CAN I get one hmmmmmm??????


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