599:… and then there was [Black]

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2 thoughts on “599:… and then there was [Black]

  1. john egertson


    I’ve been enjoying this series of posts. I have boxes and boxes of cassettes, maybe 800-900 of ’em. The thing is, all mine are maxell tapes I made from my vinyl, or my friends’ vinyl, lots of homemade mix tapes for sure. I never bought pre-recorded cassettes. That’s lucky for me ‘cus now I’m using a usb turntable to digitize alot of old vinyl. Anyway, cool posts, alot of musical tastes in common (and some not so much…) Take care, John E

    1. jasonoliva Post author

      These cassettes were the last of the fine wine. I had a ton more that I got rid of prior to these. I also had a giant box of the obligatory LP/Cassettes with handwritten Maxell liner notes…hence all the missing Metallica/punk and such. They are all gone now.

      Glad you dug it!



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