578: THOS.TV Episode 007! ’55 Nights on your Couch’ Plus:5BORO Stevie Rod still fighting the good fight.

Steve Rodriguez is a well-known rider and founder of a New York skateboard company called 5Boro. He’s also considered the leader of the local skateboarding community.

Julie Glassberg for The New York Times

There is a big article in the NY Times about the proposed four year closing of our Beloved Brooklyn Bridge Banks and Steve Rodriguez’zzz fight to save this treasure…AGAIN! It all centers around creating a staging area for the painting of the bridge – especially the parts that are scene mostly by pidgeons and skaters at the banks. They say they need the area for four years to paint!  Four years is a long time in painting even if you just hire one guy to do it you can get alot done in a four year time period. More concerning is 4 years in the life of a young skater, if you show up at the banks at 15, four years later you are off to college. For a young skater to sit out of a place like the Brooklyn Bridge Banks during their most formative years is a bit of a travesty…similar to an art history student not being allowed to see the aforementioned paint job while they cleaned it up a bit. The other problem is the liberties that are most recently given are the ones we fight to hold on to the hardest…and hurt the most when taken away…if you are reading this and have any authority on this decision do not site the laundry list of other parks that have been built…we are truelly spoiled by choice now but its the places that have been discovered and created by the skaters that help form their creative attitudes towards life…dont pull a skatepark off a shelf like Mister Rogers, hand it to me and tell me my entitlement is fulfilled…and dont think anyone will go there and start a lifelong network of friends and competitors either…but I digress

Well as for a leader and a spokesman dont fear the place is in good hands with Steve Rodriguez and if it does close for 4 years you can rest assure it was because some cigar chomping fat cat out spent everyone to land some longtem downtown free parking for his giant tonka toys and not because the city hates skateboarders.  If it does close well in the end I am sure there is another bridge somewhere surrounded by shark infested water with fires raging at both ends that has a sweet little curb on it, right in the middle…and some group of skaters will find it and go there….

But I digress again! its a Friday so its time for:  The World Shakin not stirred..Episode 007 of  THOS.TV.

I present to you the trailer to the upcoming ’55 Nights on your Couch’ filmed and edited by Tombo Colabraro with (producing duties) by Steve Rodriguez and skating from the whole 5BORO crew(who I now have a proper reason to add all their names to the archive). I look forward to seeing the entire film because it looks chock full of those sentiments we have just been talking about.

As always feel free to head over to Itunes and drop some 5 star reviews on us.


Jason Oliva

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