576: Hunter Green- Florida: DERF 561 DESIGNS

Yeah so a bit of a sad one here because Hunter is no longer among us. He looks like a cool kid, two thirds skater/snowboarder one third artist. No doubt his video would have made [THOS] regardless simply for the fact that Hunter had a cool DIY driveway skatepark that he had dialed-in. It shows in his skating when you watch him take it to the street and stoke all his friends.

Hunter’s brother Brad emailed me wanting to get the word out about how cool and talented his younger brother was and I sympathised with his desires to introduce him to the wider world…heck if  THOS isnt just one big fricken love letter to this kinda situation then I dont know what it is.

Hunter left behind some cool journals and artwork and his older brother has created a shop and a skate team around the images and writings so check it out:

They have a facebook page as well so head over and show’em some ‘like’ support as well.

Feel free to share any thoughts or stories about Hunter in the comment section of the post.

Thanks for watching.

Jason Oliva


5 thoughts on “576: Hunter Green- Florida: DERF 561 DESIGNS

  1. patrick

    raw skater thats the two words i could decribe him as it sucks hes not here no more but he will be in our hearts as for the team everyday we skate is for you bro and thanks jason for ritin this


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