565: The House of Steam’s Skatenginerds presents…SCIENCE!!

Thanks to pvd wiki!

So Dave Padulo drained his backyard pool and discovered the transitions were just too tight to get any Tony Alva NJ Fantasy Pool Skate Camp Sessions going….Pity really. We have a bit of a behind the scenes daily/weekly email thread going on here at THOS and when he Dave announced he could not imagine how tight the transitions were I said “Hold on” no need to imagine…this is Science! We cant manage what we cant measure! What would DaVinci think ….so empowered by google we now know the following:

Did some field work when I got home today on the tranny formula.  The pool in the back yard isn’t a pure transition like a man made ramp so it’s hard to get that exact measurement of “h”.  But depending on how you put the yardstick down it’s some where between 3.5 inches and 4.25 inches and that translates to a tranny that’s around 3.5 to 4 feet…that’s pretty tight.

I also checked out how the formula worked on the quarter pipe in the drive way that I know to be a 7 ft tranny that I cut.  The formula suggested it was a 7.25 ft tranny based on a 1.875 inch measurement.  Pretty close. although hard to estimate the human error component

h (Inches) = 3.5 3.75 4 4.25
Transition (Feet) 4.00 3.76 3.54 3.35

Quarter Pipe

h (Inches) = 1.875

Transition (Feet)                                                                          7.28

Dave padulo

(For those of you who are interested Jeff Roenning is launching an IPhone app so you can make these calculations on the fly)… (Seriously he is!)

So a further calculation can now be made were by:

T= Transition in Feet

D= Disappointment level after draining pool.

If   T<3 feet, Then in any formula D=Pretty Frackin disappointing.

Jason Oliva

3 thoughts on “565: The House of Steam’s Skatenginerds presents…SCIENCE!!

  1. Matt Padulo

    Ok…Uncle!…Uncle Matt to be exact. Now I’ve got to get back down to NJ and ride that wall. I’ve been consumed with the thoughts of riding that thing! I can’t take it anymore!


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