559: Hall of Fame (3) 5 Boro Yellow logo circa 1996: Steve Rodriguez

5 Boro Logo ‘Yellow’ [8.5 x 32]

Back in 1996 5 Boro launched as a line of boards as opposed to one board but after talking with Steve Rodriguez I found out that the ‘Yellow Logo’ was the first sample he received so I thought that seemed like the deck to focus on for The Hall of Fame. Steve like a lot of us hails from [En-Jay] where all things east coast great and skate seem to claim some origin or connection. We all have similar Histories and stories with regards to NYC and skating. Such as taking the train or the Bus in, collecting toys from Children’s of Paradise, tofu Chilli dogs from Pupp’s place, heading up town with our skates for some other reason like a comic conventions and discovering a wealth of new skate spots, punk shows at The Ritz  and of course hanging out at the Brooklyn Bridge banks. It seemed like everyone was from Jersey hanging out there. I personally never really accomplished much when it came to street skating, couldn’t ollie a bottle cap but I remember thinking back then there were two types of street skaters those who can get over that damm divider and those who could not…Steve was one of the ones who could.

Its now 15 years later since he founded the aptly named 5Boro and the brand is still going strong. Steve has evolved into a major voice and consultant to skating and the people entrusted with decisions about skating in the actual Five Boroughs which is fine by me. So check out 5Boro today and dont be surprised if you are casting a vote for Steve R as Mayor of NY someday.


PS: As always if you have one of these gems send me an email pic, you earned the right to brag about it! I will add it to the post. Also feel free to leave some comments below about Steve and the brand as well.

5Boro 1996 Board Line at Launch

2 thoughts on “559: Hall of Fame (3) 5 Boro Yellow logo circa 1996: Steve Rodriguez

  1. Guidotti

    Steve R gave me one of the first 5boro decks in the spring of ’96 I believe… Maybe it was even summer by that point, I’m not entirely sure. This was when Steve started up the company and invited me to be on the team. I just remember getting the board and thinking it was rather plain as far as graphics were concerned. It was just this bright yellow deck with a big logo on it, and it looked a little bit like a taxicab to me (soon after there was a taxicab graphic with the checkers and all). To be honest, I think the board looked low-budget to me, but I really didn’t care. It was Steve R’s company, and since I knew he was a solid guy with a pure love of skateboarding (and an incredible ollie off of flat), I was in no matter what. Looking back, I think those simple graphics were awesome, and largely indicative of 5boro’s collective approach to the skateboarding industry. We kept it very simple and also kept skateboarding itself at the forefront of everything we did. When we did a demo in a small town in the middle of nowhere, we would skate and hang out talking to the local kids for hours upon hours. It was just about skating and having fun, and maybe selling some boards along the way. I remember so many kids would tell us things like “yeah the ____ team were here last weekend for a demo and they skated for a half hour and then they left.” The only time 5boro spent less than an hour skating anything was if we were kicked out! Hell, we’d spend an hour skating a bank at the rest stop in Connecticut on the way TO the demo. One time there was an event at the Riverside skatepark, and alongside the skatepark were all these tables set up so that the local companies could set up displays to promote their products while all their team guys skated in the contest. 5boro had a table-display that day… the display was a folding table with nothing on it except for a small makeshift sign which simply read “We’re skating.”
    I am not one to collect “things” or hold onto them just for the sake of having them. I can think of so many skateboarding related items I wish I kept safe over the years, but I never made it a priority to keep track of them all. However, the 5boro logo deck remains set up in my basement, complete with brand new Indys and a Nice Skate Shoes sticker, and it will NEVER be sold or traded. 5boro for life!

    Steve, let’s have an ollie contest this summer. I’ll meet you at the bird shit banks. —Guido

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