534: New!! ‘Random Entry’ Button on THOS.

With over 500 entries and nearly 1000 photos (I will tell you when we get to 1000….and its close!) the  New ‘Random Entry’ Button seemed like a great way to navigate the site. Even I have been caught in its spiralling productivity destroying grasp. Most people have a .1-.2 percent chance if  you want play the self appearance game, unless you are Bernie then you have a 5.9% chance of seeing yourself. I guess that stands to reason because Bernie probably did more tricks then you and he also did them all backwards so that doubles the amount of tricks and potential photo ops….Also if you are brainy I have seem to have given you enough information in this post to calculate exactly how many images are currently on The House of Steam.

I situated the Random Button over on the side bar so as you read a random post it slowly creeps back into the picture begging you into another go…

Damm you to Hell Random Button!!! Damm you to Helllllll!



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