527: Hey Look! Mark Podgurski and Bernie too

Mark Podgurski Woodward

Photo Nina Isabella

I am slowly untangling the knotted ball of yarn that is my hardrive, here is a long overdue entrant into THOS..Mark Podgurski skating at Woodward (where was that exactly?) I know Geoff was there because I have a small smoldering pile of burnt photographic evidence. Everyone say cool things about Mark now.



Here is a pic of Mark and Bernie…at the Penn State ramp?

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2 thoughts on “527: Hey Look! Mark Podgurski and Bernie too

  1. coyle

    mark came thru lakeland, fl and skated in our ramp jam many many years ago! 1989 or 90….he traveled with another skater..cant think of his name??? anyone out there know?? for some reason i remember mark doing fast plants i believe, so he must have done them quite well….we do have video footage of this ramp jam…we are currently trying to get it digitized and distributed lol…the video should contain brian drake, leonard trubia, paul wisneksi, and mnay others 🙂


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