518: Join the H Street Battalion…Tony Magnusson relaunches H street: Dave Hackett and Alysha Bergado on board

Tony Mag CCCC Highest Air

I put this together ages ago,

So TM has re-launched H street. I dug H-street.. I remember Hokus Pokus on VHS, great video. H-Street even  nabbed Danny Way from Powell back in the day…The 2010 Motley Crew consists of :Ray Allen, Eddie “El Guerra”  Art Godoy, T-MAGMA, Dave (skated the Barn) Hackett and the young gun Alysha Bergado (who at 12 or 13…rips)

I read about the History and checked out the catalog HERE

Here is some H street Motley Crew action:

The youngest Alysha Bergado

The Oldest DAve Hackett (setting the record for the oldest to pull the loop “O” Death….”GNAR!”

Tony Mag 1989 H-Street…Kinda reminds you of Darren.

Ray Allen Hokus Pokus

3 thoughts on “518: Join the H Street Battalion…Tony Magnusson relaunches H street: Dave Hackett and Alysha Bergado on board

  1. coyle

    nice videos!! tony mag came to fort meyers, fl in 1988 or 89 and we all skated at a rickety vert ramp with loose coping and splintery death all over it…tony never fell!!!! he made run after run…while we knee slid thru the deadly splinter patches…he knocked off killer run after run…the ramp was so bad that we ended up goin to skate mini ramp in some kids driveway…i had stolen a trick from rob mertz, a fakie tail stall, grab the nose and jump up to disaster (mertz did them on vert!) and of course performed this trick in front of tony, who was very impressed lol!! he learned it 1st try…anyway, everyone needs to do this trick once during their sk8 career 🙂

  2. coyle

    sweet! yes, rob mertz shredded the carollwood ramp in tampa area…as u approached the ramp, u had to walk down a trail in the woods..suddenly u could hear a whoosh of skateboard wheels up and down the flat bottom and transition, then a loud clunk of some nice steel coping, followed by silence for a few seconds (as rob mertzs or ken sigafoose blasted 7 and 8 foot high airs) followed by them landing…also at times, u would hear the same followed by what sounded like a shotgun going off as rob or ken smacked the living be-jesus out of the coping on the way back in…also of interesting note was the “grave-yard” of skateboards that resembled a small cemetary just before emerging into the open area in the woods where the massive carollwood ramp sat…ahhhh, the sweet memories!


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