501: Paul Wisniewski at the Ark circa 1984

Paul Wisiewski 1984

Cool picture from back in the day of Paul Wisniewski from circa 1984 (judging from that lawn chair and the jpeg title which read Paul Wisniewski maybe 1984 at the Ark) Been  meaning to post this one for awhile but I cannot remember who sent it to me…so if you are out there let me know. Also anyone remember The Ark? If so tell us about it.

That is all

Jason Oliva

7 thoughts on “501: Paul Wisniewski at the Ark circa 1984

  1. Jeff Roenning

    Wow. Great to see a pic of Wisniewski. That guy ripped.
    If it’s the same Ark ramp, it was built by Bob Losito and co. I skated it a bunch of times with J.T. Murphy in the mid eighties. It was in Tim Kacinda’s (sp) back yard. Really fun. They used to have big ramp jams-parties.
    If I remember right it was 16′ wide and 10′ high. Although it looks like pool cope in the picture and I remember steel pipe on both walls so maybe it’s a different ‘Ark’ ramp. It was someplace in North Jersey.
    If anyone runs into Tim or Bob say hello for me.

  2. mike coyle

    paul and his crew came thru lakeland, fl in 1989 or so…we had a ramp jam….brain drake won first place, (he skated for zorlac) yours truly (me) got 2nd and leonard trubia came in 3rd…it escapes me what place paul got but we were treated to some outstanding skating performances!!

  3. Brian Zig

    I spent a lot of time skating with Paul at Hell Ramp. He was always a cool guy and full on ripper. He was also the first white guy I ever saw with dreads. There was an “Ark” ramp in Towson, MD during that time. My guess is that it’s that one since Paul lived in that area back then.

  4. oliver

    this page is the shit man takes me back! .. wow the ark.in towson. I remember that that one! island dreams, lutherville,dannys ramp on northern parkway for a short while, nob hill … I have a bunch of pics of paul and brian. phil rouchard, bernie, and and anyone else who skated OC. I was a young grom, and just dropping in on that ramp was scary for me. these dudes made me want to skate so hard everyday!!

  5. Dave

    It was definitely the Arc ramp in Towson. Paul, Rusty and I, along with a few others, built it in Rusty’s side yard. Somewhere I have a bunch of pictures of Paul skating with Billy Ruff and (Lance Mountain? I don’t remember the other pro who came through with Billy). Good times. God, we were all so young!

  6. Erik

    I left the pic with you, Jason.
    Erik Griffin here.
    It is the Ark, from Baltimore, off Providence Road near Towson.
    Good to see some old friends had noticed the post.


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