500: Sophie Oliva

Sophie Oliva and Jason Oliva: Immigration Photo

Now that THOS is almost 5 years old its time for me to publicly thank Sophie for all her hard work. She knows your names, histories and connections. She listens to me bang on about everyone, everyday. She creates the time that I use to make The House of Steam what it is. If you think that THOS is cool you can also thank her for keeping it simple, well edited and pure. So for all she has contributed towards its success the 500th entry into The House of Steam is dedicated to Sophie Oliva.

Jason Oliva


7 thoughts on “500: Sophie Oliva

  1. relaxedguy

    Well done Sophie, nice to meet the woman behind the man behind THOS. I just hit seven years and 3,000 posts on my blog, it’s a lot more work than I expected when I started it, that’s for sure. Best to you both and keep up the great work.

    Dave Evans
    Boston, MA

  2. hank

    thanks Sophia for being so cool towards THOS! I know my wife can only take so much vintage skate “crap” (as she puts it) and she skates!!

    thanks again

  3. DennisK

    Thanks for all you do Sophie. You would have fit right in at The Barn. We all benefit from your support and I hope to meet you some day soon. DennisK

  4. DaveP

    Word. Thanks for everything Sophie. If you only knew how much joy you guys bring to our lives with every post. Can’t wait to meet you someday.


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