499: Jeff Phillips: Makes Trashmore look like a mini ramp

Ok I gotta thank Bernie for spotting this one and putting it out on FB… Also thanks to Unscene Productions in Maryland for putting this together. How crazy is that one frontside boneless over the channel…if you watched the vid you know the one…Jeff Phillips…crazy.

Jason Oliva

7 thoughts on “499: Jeff Phillips: Makes Trashmore look like a mini ramp

  1. Jim Byrd

    Dave did good on that (Thanks Dave!!!) Jeff stomps those bonelesses like they stole his bike even on the fiberglass super slippery layer. It makes me sad to see Jeff footage, can;t help but wonder, what if homeboy was around to see what is going down today.

  2. scott wagner

    Damn, I remmber so many late night skate sessions at the clown ramp with Jeff, Craig J., Dan Wilkes,The twins. That Video brought back some memories of Jeff just killing it. I need to get a bunch of old pics together, and send them in

    1. Allen Gentry

      It’s Allen Gentry from Wichita Falls, TX. How are you? Great I hope. Hey, me and some folks are working on a documentary about skateboarding in Texas, and we need to interview you. What is your e-mail address. Get a hold of me sometime at:

      Thanks Scott!


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