467: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility: Gets bowled in for 2010.


The new Bowled end at DWG Vert Facility…. Here is the BEFORE shot

Photography by Paul Puccio

Remember how exciting it was when the ramp got a new layer!! Maaaan have times changed…Looks like Allen Gibson has decided to Bowl up the entire deep end of his Masterpiece….Looks like The East Coasters have it all wrapped up now…Bucky has his concrete Heaven out West and AG has his Wooden Vert Facility on the East…You do know you can Skate this…right? (On Saturdays only) Email me.


Allen “Guts n Glory” Gibson he has his home court dialed in

Irene Ching Vert Roller Skatings reigning Queen and Spokesperson.

If you Vert Rollerskate or Vert Skate and you  do not know of her….then you must! CLICK HERE

12 thoughts on “467: Delaware Water Gap Vert Facility: Gets bowled in for 2010.

  1. sk8crete

    Got to hit it up just this past Tuesday. Amazing. Simply amazing. Worth the drive from Rockland County, no doubt. Hope I can cash in on some more Saturday sessions in the near future.

  2. Paul

    Hey! those are my photos!! No worries!! 🙂

    Allen’s is sick. A bit out of my league, but so much fun. Bring your fastest wheels and bearings!

    1. jason

      Hello Joey Jank

      These were sent directly to me…as you can see there are over 500 photo refs on the site. Are you the photographer..send me a message and I will include the name in the archive categories as well.

      all the best


  3. irene

    miss dat … it’s been way too long.
    will get there soon, you’ll see me hitch-hiking on the side of the road
    AG, when u gonna hit up pier 62 again?


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