462: ROB MERTZ Skating at Bucky Lasek’s new pool “Heaven”

Rob Mertz in “Heaven”

Been skating Bucky’s pool almost everyday, (until I jacked my back again about 6 weeks ago…). The pool rules! Probably the best thing I’ve ever ridden!!!! I’m sure everyone has seen video of it by now. The daily sessions were me, Paul Wisnewski, Chris Conway, Tony Mag, Miller and Owen Neider and Bucky of course!  The pool is as big as a modern vert ramp but, with all the hips and corners of a pool! So, if you’re a vert dog who loves pools, (like me), you are S-T-O-K-E-D!!!! Big thumbs up to Bucky for making it happen and letting this old vert guy skate it!!! Thanks Buck!!!


3 thoughts on “462: ROB MERTZ Skating at Bucky Lasek’s new pool “Heaven”

  1. malcolm

    Fucking awesome. Rob is living the dream. He grew up in the town next to me and was friends with guys a skated with in the late 70s /early 80s. Take care of your back bro.

  2. Derek Rinaldi

    Fuck yes!! If NJ skaters seemed to slip under the radar, PA skaters were usually off the screen. We used to hear tall tales of Mertz and Keith Lenharr’s exploits and once we finally got to see them skate, it bordered on a religious experience. Those guys killed it. Most shredders would be happy to skate vert as well in their 20’s as Mertz is currently in his 40’s.

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