461: Ian MacKaye on technology and the value of a good song : Shudder to Think Digital Download for Christmas please!

Ian MacKaye Dischord Office

Photo Amy Farina

Thanks to Jake Egolf for sending me this.

Great Interview with Ian MacKaye from CreativeLoafing.com. Some gems you will find:

Ian Makaye

Photo Jason Oliva

-The general impetus is to document something that’s important to you

-People ask me about starting labels all the time and the truth is that you have to write a good song.

-If you want people to remark upon your work than you have to do something remarkable.

-One of the benefits of the Internet is that you can find anything there, but the problem with the Internet is that you can find anything there.

-That’s the trap that people fall into, and they say to themselves what’s the best way to promote music. Well, the best way is to write good music.

-Essentially that’s how I try to live period; think about a situation and try to come up with a creative way to navigate it.

-you don’t have to do things the way people tell you to do them. That’s the quickest way to bitterness and surrender.

You get the drift click Here to read the whole interview and get Ian’s take on technology today.

Which leads me to Dischord records and:

Shudder to Think’s first record. I dig Shudder saw all their DC shows even took a university level photography course with Chris Mathews at the time of its release…1989! I had a taped version from the vinyl that I eventually wore out and have not been able to find this record for anything less then 3 figures on Ebay ever since…Enter Dischord/Sammich who apparently without telling me remastered it and added the first 7″ and you can buy it on vinyl, cd or digital download…Merry Christmas indeed One of the all time great bands and their all time great record!

If you dont know who Shudder to Think is Let me Google that for YOU (Seriously click that for some internet 2009 wizardry, you’ll be doing it to before the day is out)

So I am adding this to the Master List:

Shudder to Think Curses Spella Voodoo Mooses from Dischord (this is a seriously good record)

-Tony Hawk RIDE (check out the contest!!)

-The House of Steam Tee Shirt…LOL

-ONE CHOICE (Rob Mertz) Vinyl/with Digital Download

-CF Dan Wilkes Guest Model

-Anything from DeathMarch Skates

-Sublime Wheels on a Miramar Longboard

-A photo of Neil Blender skating The Animal Chin Ramp (More of a Xmas Wish, Although we have confirmation he did skate !)

-A Pulaski Park, Washington DC Tech Deck…or a Prototype for a “Barn” Tech Deck


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