453: The House of Steam Presents: Tony Hawk Ride for Xbox360 and Controller Giveaway Contest! Dec 4 – Dec 17

So the good people over at Activision have taken notice of us here at The House of Steam and asked if I would like to give away the New Tony Hawk ride game along with its innovative carpet riding skatedeck controller (for the Xbox 360) . No more having to find plywood to relayer the ramp its going to be fresh carpeting the kids are gonna be after. I have always been a fan of all the Tony Hawk games and have played them start to finish as and when they arrived, just last month my cool Uncle status was solidified as I was able to get my nephew out of the hangar in Tony Hawk one with only one or two grabs of the old school hand controller. The rules for the contest are below all you have to do is email me the answer to our trivia question (psssst….the answer can be found with some searching of the archive) I will leave this up for the duration so please feel free to pass on the link via FB, Twitter and all those new fangled Idevices.

Thanks to Alan over at M80 and that Good Sport Tony Hawk.

Jason Oliva


Starts: December 4th
Ends: December 17th
Number of Winners: 1
Contest Prizes: Tony Hawk Ride for the Xbox360, skateboard controller
Tony Hawk Ride Links: http://www.thride.com/us/

Contest Info:
The House of Steam is giving away Tony Hawk’s brand new game, Tony Hawk Ride for the Xbox 360 and the innovative motion sensing skateboard controller. You’ll be able to skate like Tony Hawk in no time..err, maybe not. The game was developed by Activision Publishing and is available for Xbox 360, Play Station 3 and Wii. You can watch the trailer of the game here. All you have to do is answer the trivia question and send us your name, and e-mail address. We’ll pick the winners on December 17th, just in time for the holidays! Good luck!

Trivia Question:
Which “Rock” solid Team Steam skater bested Tony Hawk in a 1992 skate contest in Florida?

1) Please send all contest entries to jasonoliva@gmail.com
2) The subject must have “Tony Hawk Ride Contest.” 
3) To enter the contest, you MUST send your full name, e-mail address and trivia answer.
4) All contests are USA & Canada only.
5) When the contest is done, I’ll randomly pick out the winners and post them the day the contest ends. So come back and see if you won the contest.
6) If you win, please be patient with your prizes being delivered. It might take a few days or a month.

5 thoughts on “453: The House of Steam Presents: Tony Hawk Ride for Xbox360 and Controller Giveaway Contest! Dec 4 – Dec 17

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