444: MOOSE, TAG & BAUM: New decks for 2009

Darren- Menditto-dharma-board

I dig the new Dharma deck design for this Darren Menditto.


New updated Flying pig motif for Tag…and



I made the entire post one big clicky so you can see all of the efforts at the folks over at Never Again and Death March. I believe these boards are limited so get em while you can.


2 thoughts on “444: MOOSE, TAG & BAUM: New decks for 2009

  1. Paul Miller

    Hey Team Steam!

    I have a couple of Dan Tag decks as well as a couple of Jim Murphy’s Wounded Knee decks.

    I skated with Corn a while back at the Brighton Park out here in Colorado.

    Get in touch if any of you decide to come out this way. We have a great scene out here.

    Anyway, here’s a couple of links.




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