430: The House of Steam – Year three!!

Groholski at home Padulo Brutha oic

Tom Groholski at Home NJ circa 1984? 

Photo by The Padulo Brutics!

Avatar Jason Oliva

So on July 20th THOS turned three years old. Crazy to think I have been living with this thing that long in two different countries as well. It has been a great year from my vantage point it seems there has been no downturn in the brotherhood sector of the economy. A high water mark is obviously Jim Murphy being recognized for his charitable/skate endeavors but along with that I have my eye on a lot of other seeds that have been planted and people tied to this community seem to be gravitating towards one another with results to follow. So THOS continues on into year 4 – keep the pics and stories flowing and I promise to keep it all moving so no one will ever have time to hang a sign on us.

Cheers, My Bruthas and Sistas!


Ps How sick is that photo of Tom! Nice one Dave!


3 thoughts on “430: The House of Steam – Year three!!

  1. DennisK

    I am pleased to be the first to say, “Happy Birthday to The House of Steam”. I must say, “3 cheers for Jason Oliva”. HIP,HIp..etc. !

    I consider this to be the Smithsonian of online East Coast Skate information. I think that most of the USA and the World would agree. Jason Oliva is the curator.

    You Rock J.,
    Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!

  2. jasonoliva Post author

    Thanks D-Nice!

    3 years and we never had a fight, me and the old THOS. (Or made a dime! he he) Dont let those t’ees fool you they are set at zero profit. Great story….my teenage cousin Daniel Jason Oliva was at a skate park in PA standing at the vert bowl having a ten minute conversation with another skater before he realized the kid was sporting a THOS shirt and freaked and said that is my cousins site!! The kid said you have to meet my Dad and Uncle (skating at the other end of the park) Turns out it was Dave Padulos Son and Dave and Uncle Matt had the kids at the park! The Next generation is meeting and forming up ranks gentlemen!! Its like the Teen Titans and the Justice League..LOL When I get some pics I will post them. Would be cool to get the kids on boards and in the archive.


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