429: Greg Taylor: Team Steam=> NJ to AZ=>Photographer



Neal Hendrix Tampa greg taylor

Neal Hendrix Tampa

Photo Greg Taylor

Jake Brown Tampa Greg Taylor

Jake Brown

Photo Greg Taylor

Jason Oliva

I have known Greg Taylor for a long time, we both attended Watchung Hills Regional High School together and spent all our extra curricular time at The Barn and various other ramps around NJ. With the exception of an odd weekend when the Dead were in town I cant recall anything that happened back in those days that did not involve Greg. To say we were and are friends is a tremendous understatement we are Bruthas, full stop.  Having transplanted himself to AZ from NJ he has never lost touch (he even flew to NYC to attend one of my art shows) and has always kept people together long before FB was around. I dub him the mental packrat…just ask him about a time or place and he will have the info on lock down for you. He is a true connector in every sense of the word and is a great person to have on your life team. If he recommends a book (Tipping point) give it a read..it will help, if he has a friend (Chris& Mike!) he wants to put you in touch with for any reason…say yes, you will wind up with new and important people in your life. 

Greg has been around the block in the Skate industry as well and has come out smiling. If you scan enough skate pics from the 90’s he can be seen lurking around many a platform during many an event.

With photography in my opinion Greg has really come into his own. He has a journalistic, man with a camera style and with his self portraits he has been able to make images of himself with that sense that he is separate from things at the moment…which I believe self portraits should do.

Anyway Greg rules hit him up over on FaceBook and add to his growing fanlist…you never know where it might take you.



God & Basketball greg Taylor

God and Basketball

Photo Greg Taylor

When I was traveling for work within skateboarding I was lucky to meet a lot of great photogs and go to cool spots, contests and sessions etc.  Many of the photogs I really looked up to and they were cool with giving me some tips about film, gear whatever.  Guys like Rhino, Swift, Joe Hammeke & J. Grant are so amazing I never thought I could do what they did – so I decided to it differently.  I wanted to capture other people in the shots and not have the skater be the only point of interest.  I tried to let people in this world we either live in or have come from and show them that it’s more than the guy on his board at that moment. 


Other info:

Real life occupation: Marketing Strategist

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Lives in: Tempe, AZ (for last 12 years)


If it weren’t for people like Corn, Rocky, Tag, you, Mike P, Weep (RIP) & Craig Blank to set the path of the arts before me – I wouldn’t be doing this stuff.  Thanks to everyone.




One thought on “429: Greg Taylor: Team Steam=> NJ to AZ=>Photographer

  1. DennisK

    Greg, you alway had a good eye (for pics and all).

    Of course, then again that “lazy eye” was kind of creepy lookin’.

    Anyway nice stuff!


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