420: Another instalment of “Unknown Skater 3” Tom Groholski’s backyard contest, NJ

invert on extension - unkown Groholski's ramp

Another for the “UnKnown Skater” File

Tom Groholski’s Contest day

Photo Dietz Bruthas



Jason Oliva

Bernie wins the Prize!! It is Doug Mayer from PA…and we spy your yellow helmet…Rodney (Smith)!

Here is a tip of the hat to another “Unknown Skater” Invert on the extension…no easy feet considering Tom’s ramp was layered in ice. Anyone know who he or anyone on deck is? We see you Murph(Jim) with your pink zorlac board! What do you think the high bid on ebay would be for that Silver “Hawk” the lad in the red helmet is sporting? Lad? He is probably 40+ now…


13 thoughts on “420: Another instalment of “Unknown Skater 3” Tom Groholski’s backyard contest, NJ

  1. bernie o'dowd

    the crazy thing is Tom used to do rock to fakies on that little tiny slice of ramp to the right of the extension and I believe ollie up to fs grinds.

  2. jay henry rules

    Jon Airs…I think. I have tons of pics from that contest, I gotta get more scanned. A group of guys were there from PA; Dan Brown, Jon Airs and a few more. Jon skated goofy, and he was all over that extension. I will get the pics scanned and get some more posted.

  3. jay henry rules

    Oh man, I just read up above, it was Doug Mayer, I knew it was one of the PA guys…I suck!

  4. bernie o'dowd

    the kid with the hawk board was “Steve” from the blue ramp/ jeff Jones area. We called him “mute boy” because he didn’t talk much and I think he did a bunch of mute airs. I think he skated a pro contest in ’90 at Del Mar that I was in. Radioactive Ray is sitting on the extension wearing glasses. But who’s the guy next to him? Also note the “crossed skateboards” spray painted on the extension. That was from Tom and Chuck’s Skate Edge zine.

  5. jay henry rules

    Jeff Jones was at that contest; I’ve got a beautiful pic of Tommy G doing one of his effortless nose grab backside airs up the extension, with Murph looking on with one of those stiff lip gnarled expressions as Jeff Jones stands there talking him to death, dressed in his red and yellow Variflex Team costume featuring super sexy short shorts…classic

  6. jasonoliva Post author

    I have pic of him in that outfit on my hard drive. Have fun at the Museum Jay!! I hear its not as cold skating inside the Smithsonian as it was in The Barn.

  7. Rodney" SHUT" Smith

    Yeah Steve Casper is his full name….when he got comfortable he never stopped talking….or he’d have a big phat wod of chew in the lip causing him to speak funny. We’d crack jokes on him and he’d say ud’up!
    The black dude with the eye sore Flo. yellow pro-tec is my whack ass.

  8. jay henry rules

    No way, that’s you up there Rodney? I’ll have to go get those pics and upload a few, I took like 4 rolls of film that day…


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