418: Dan Brown Contest day Tom Groholski’s backyard. New Jersey

invert   Dan Brown (not sure)

Dan Brown at Tom Groholski’s on Contest Day.

Photo Deitz Bruthas

Jason Oliva

Maybe Bernie can confirm that this is indeed Dan Brown (I for one hope so because it will mean adding about the 185th! skater to our all important archive) Also if you are on the deck in this picture send me an email!!


I love all the stuff my brother Ken has sent you.  I haven’t seen this stuff in years so its cool seeing it on the site.  I can ID the following people on the deck:

Far left, brown sweat shirt, white helmet              John Aires  (from PA/MD ?)

On the extension (left to right)                            Jeff Jones (in Variflex gear)
                                                                       Jim “Outlaw” Murphy
                                                                       Steve Herring

Steve Deitz

PS  The skater is definately Dan Brown chucking either an invert or one of his extended layback airs

7 thoughts on “418: Dan Brown Contest day Tom Groholski’s backyard. New Jersey

  1. bernie o'dowd

    and (from right to left) Steve Herring, Murph, Jeff Jones, Rodney Smith, Guy from Staten Island who’s name I can’t remember and I don’t know.

  2. Jeff Roenning

    I think that might be Chuck on the platform, not Rodney. He was definitely there. I could be totally wrong.

  3. jasonoliva Post author

    Dont think it is Chuck I just viewed another picture from the day of Chuck skating and he was wearing a red helmet, dark shirt and shorts.

  4. DaveP

    Back in the day 12ft wide was such a luxury. Looks so tiny today will the deck filled up! Great footage.

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