409: Congrats Bernie O’Dowd 34 years skating. Jim Murphy undergrip Layback air at Tom Groholski’s ramp.

murph undergrip layback air

Jim Murphy somekind’a Andrecht grip layback air Groholskis ramp NJ Early 80’s

Photo: Doh’s Darn Deitz Bruthas!

So Bernie typed the other day that he is beginning his 34th year skateboarding. Here he is circa 25 years ago (Green Pickleheaded Helm) waiting for a go on Tom’s ramp. Knowing Bernie most likely dropped in did 15 tricks and exited the ramp onto the platform (very annoying to the skaters like myself who basically skated till they bailed or slammed whichever came first, and not after too many tricks mind you)  It is safe to say Bernie has put in enough miles on vert ramps, both backwards and forwards to have traveled to the moon and back. 

Nice work Bern, hope the next 34 are just as good fer ya.


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