406: Happy 40ounce WeepStar!!


Weepee right in the middle of it head and shoulders above the rest, rockin the JG Tee and the Barfoot ride…G.O.A.T. Yo!!

Photo Deitz Bruthas
Jay Henry Layback air,  Ben Cornish(Sportin a Craig Johnson),  Chris”Weep” Blank, Steve Mannion(Overkill Sticker! Possible Tommy G hand me down Gator, Rick Holtzman, A Deitz Brutha (Stripey Socks)…Who is watching from the flat?

Jason Oliva
Yar Weep, remember that time we….. maaan that was dope.

Aaahhn, B-E-A-S-T-I-E go!

Drop some love comments all!


7 thoughts on “406: Happy 40ounce WeepStar!!

  1. Derek Rinaldi

    One thing about ‘Weep’, for me, is that I usually only saw him while we were traveling. A brief conversation at a trade show in southern California, a passing wave at an airport. One time, the entire SHUT team stayed at his apartment in Arizona. Maaaaan, that was comedy.

    I am not too sure I ever got to hung out with him in New Jersey. Looks like the next time I see him it’ll be the same way.

    I can’t wait.

    Happy 40th brother!!!!

  2. Taylor

    Weep was always a classic. 100% friend and sometimes 100% pain in the ass while making you laugh.

    I remember a lot of ditch trips, leaving school during lunch to play video games, the Tower Records scams and slappies at the high school to name a few.

    The last time I saw Weep was at Rocky’s wedding when we all skated the Jackson Hole park together. Weep, Carl, Tag, Rocky, Corn, Matt Klein and myself like it was 1988 again.

    It’s crazy living here in Tempe and hanging out with people who skated with him when he lived here – hearing them tell Weep stories. Classic stuff.


  3. jay henry

    Happy 40th mister Weep….I must say that photo is really funly, classic barn session; me doing some ugly as heel but off the hook layback air, with the whole clan looking on in amazement, or maybe just confusion.

  4. DennisK

    HAPPY 40th Weep! I have so many great images of Weep. Most of them involve a big F side grind and the Weep chuckle. R.I.P. bro.

  5. Nancy Kane Brown

    Just want to say how proud I am of all you guys for the love and friendship you have always shown each other. Weep, I will never forget you…. You were always a super kid and very respectful… You were probably the reason everyone had their helmets and pads on in this picture… Or, maybe it’s because I was home… You all have a very soft spot in my heart..
    Hugs, Jim and Dennis’s Mom, Nancy


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