378: Cherry Hill Skatepark NJ 1978

6 thoughts on “378: Cherry Hill Skatepark NJ 1978

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  2. Erik Griffin

    I remember being so bummed when I lost my membership card to Cherry Hill… lost it in an old wallet at Ocean City like 15 years after the park closed… we used to drive up from B More… it was awesome place. Wish the video showed the whole place…

  3. Meigs

    The Eggbowl! Effin gnarly dude… I took my worst chow ever in that thing. I hit the bottom so hard (freefell from the top) I didn’t know what happened. Treese was like: “Dude, are you alright?” I said “What happened?” He’s like “Man you fell…” I said, “Oh yeah, I guess I did…!” 😉

    Wheeled that 3/4 pipe a few times, what a rush! 🙂

  4. Tom Wagner

    Very good memories of that place. Victor Perez doing stalled inverts in the shallow end of the egg bowl, Mike Jesiolowski blowing minds with his board slides in the far kidney. Jamie Godfrey was too damn smooth. I lost my card amongst my travels. We used to road trip from the D.C. area, the annandale crew.

  5. lox

    Hey Tom!
    Memories of CH?
    You and me both brother!
    I remember Shogo just tearing that place up, giving me the courage to try to FS grind the 3/4 pipe….never hit it, but damn I had fun trying.
    All those pools, ahh, man, let’s go rent a backhoe!
    An astonishingly attractive young lady took my card to Pago Pago, Samoa (strewth, i swear).
    Rolled with my buds, Joe McDonough and Cody Letsinger, lived in ocnj at the time.


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