376: Jason Oliva the most popular signature on the internet? and other THOS facts



One of the added benefits that has arisen from starting THOS is that if you google search the word signature out of 219 million results it looks like I (Jason Oliva) take the grand prize! Craziness!! I noticed this after viewing searches that landed on THOS and noticing that people google searching “Signature” keep landing on THOS. Unfortunately this distinction has come with a curse because as a result every 3 or 4 months I have received an email telling me that my name was printed on a bogus check used in a craigslist scam (I believe I have stamped this out and no one has yet fallen for the scam as well) So that being said the eternal struggle between “Jason Oliva” and “Louis XIV” continues on into the ages, forever jockeying for the internets top billing…. 

The THOS internet fun fact is that if you google search “Friday the 13th” out of a possible 10.9 million image results I once again land squarely on the front page amongst Jason Vorhees himself. You can see me adorning a hockey mask skating in NJ back in 1987 on Friday the 13th.


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