370: Ben Miller and Friends circa 1986-87. Mike Doering’s Ramp Chalfont PA

sean miller

Ben Miller and Friends circa 86-87

Jason Oliva

If you know where this was taken or if you can identify yourself or others please email me or leave a comment.

Thanks to: Gregg Gottschling www.TheGiftCardCafe.com


Kinda low budget but I am proud of this graphic

#1 Brad Ward
#2Mindsetter Brother

#3Preston Mindsetter

#4 Brendan Mindsetter
#5 Barker Barrett
#6 Paul Borien
#8  Rush Linhart
#9 Me (Mike Doering)
#11 Greg Gottschling
#12 Todd Fisher
#13 Ken Gilbride
#14 Ben Miller
#15 Bob Kuhla



16 thoughts on “370: Ben Miller and Friends circa 1986-87. Mike Doering’s Ramp Chalfont PA

  1. Ben Witsen

    my mom was best friends with the millers and so was my uncle, and yesterday he helped identify a bunch of the people above. sean isn’t pictured here.

    1. Harry Barford
    3. Preston Mindsetter
    4. Brendan Mindsetter
    5. Rob Crowe
    6. Paul Borian
    8. Steve Moelter
    11. Greg Goshling
    14. Ben Miller

    sorry for any spelling mistakes in the names.

  2. Mike Doering

    hey…this photo is taken at my house in chalfont…#5 is barker, #1 is brad ward not harry, #2 is another mindsetter brother, not sure which is which..I sent the other fill in the blanks to jason, sure he will post em soon…hey ben & pizzo, thanks fer the link..

    Mike Doering

  3. Steve Moelter

    Jason – tx for the work on HoS. Just chock full of great memories across the whole site! I have been staring at this photo for 20 minutes – Mike D has it almost nailed. I can add that 8 is not me but is Rush Linhart & 13 is Ken Gilbride. The question plaguing me – where was Sean? Rob Crowe? I was probably playing soccer that day in late August… always knew I would regret that! moelter@comcast.net

  4. Todd Doering

    Someone should get Mike Doering(Tanya) to post the other half of the picture. If my memory serves correct, there’s about 10 more people standing on the right side of that platform. You know, where all the good skaters were standing such as myself. Lol. Boy do I miss those days and all you guys. Good times, good times.


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