354: Edgewood Maryland pics from Erik Griffin





Erik Griffin Edgewood Maryland


Well… there was a place called Edgewood…. Skating was so great I don’t think leaves ever grew there too much…. but, we loved her dearly

and then there was a junkyard next door to the park… and a skateshop up the road… and… whatever all else…  I had a place up the road with a ramp and a liquor store……..

Erik Griffin

Great stuff Erik!! Not a lot of Edgewood pictures floating around, that’s for sure.


5 thoughts on “354: Edgewood Maryland pics from Erik Griffin

  1. Erik Griffin

    Thanks for posting these Jason!!! I was stoked to see that they were posted. The good ole bowl that brought many many people together. Part of every good skate day. Erik with a “K” by the way… anyway, I think I may have a few more to send along bro… I’ll dig around in the albums where I found these… Thanks again Jason and I will be in touch as usual.

    Skate on!

  2. Eric Gregory

    hey erik,
    this is eric gregory, i was a few years younger than you guys back then, but i skated with seth and adam, scott, pee wee, chris donato, etc…. i had the nickname eggo……my older sister was in college back then and made a film with you guys skating your ramp and the bowl for school.
    if you got any more of those pics or larger files of those, that would be rad!

  3. Gabe willig

    I live in Belcamp 8 miles from Edgewood i was born in ’98 so all I know of this place is pictures. Ifanyone has more I’d love to see.

    1. Erik

      Hey. Erik Griffin here. Edgewood Bowl. Scary yet fun as hell. It didn’t want to let you have fun but you could tear a good time out of her every trip out. I know of some people who saw her before she went under and I think there are certain skateable parts under there but it’s not as much as it was and we all know she had a lotta big cracks. Hell, that was how you knew your lines around there because you go where the cracks let you go or get tossed.


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