353: Brian “Kentucky” Boyd checks in…

Brian "Kentucky" Boyd

Brian “Kentucky” Boyd CCCC  Virginia 1986

Photo Jason Oliva

Hey look…Its Kentucky!

True that I live in Tennessee. No longer skate. I am a Certified Hand Therapist. I specialize in physical rehabilitation of the UE extremity ; fractures, burns, grafts, tendon or nerve injuries, rotator cuff repair, labral injuries etc…I live, eat, breathe physical medicine of the upper extremity…can be found on myspace….

I wonder if he still kills it on the fussball table?



3 thoughts on “353: Brian “Kentucky” Boyd checks in…

  1. Darrin Snyder

    I remember skating with Boyd. I remember when he first got flow from G and S. He was the reason I bought some of their trucks. Well the trucks sucked big time. He sold a buddy of mine named Steve a cool Neil Blender in yellow stain. Remember skating with the lanky Devin too. Jamming to Maiden in his car. He played bass too. Good times.

  2. Ozzie Ausband

    I recall driving to CCCC with Buster. We stayed with Brian & Monique …that day, I ended up riding CCCC with Devin, Opie, Raoul, Brian, Buster, Jay Henry, Conroy & Crescini and the uddy gang. Jeeez! What a rocking session.The next night, we went & saw Strange Boutique @ the 9:30 Club…Fun!-Ozzie

    1. jenn woisard barry

      Some of the happiest memories of my youth were spent at CCCC. I had a crush on Raoul, and went to highschool with Monique. I was just a betty. That is until they made me drop in. Haha. My happi My happiest times were right when the sky return to that deep shade of a blue right before the dark settled in. When the most diehard would take their last run. That and the raging parties.


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