348: Bad Brains and Scream Live at The Cedar Crest Country Club

Bad Brains & Scream Cedar Crest Country Club

Bad Brains and Scream at: VA’s Cedar Crest Country Club Ramp

What is it with Bands and skating…especially great bands and skating. I remember the only time the Barn was darkened was because the Raging Lamos needed the power cord for a show they played in The Kanes basement. I guess it takes a band of the Bad Brains caliber to stop the riding at CCCC..wish I went…anyone at this show wanna chime in? Oh yeah and whatever happened to that guy named Dave that was the drummer of Scream? One day he was hanging out drinking at The Fox and Hounds next thing I know he left DC…I wonder if anything came his way…..


4 thoughts on “348: Bad Brains and Scream Live at The Cedar Crest Country Club

  1. Mary Chris Garner

    I love the “all types” on this flier.As I recall, there was some kind of drama going on with either Scream or Bad Brains goin’ on.One of them was reluctant to play and I’m pretty sure it was Scream.I think everything went off, though.FIVE bucks! I’m pretty sure we thought it was beyond expensive at this point,but really, a full weekend of camping out, felling trees for firewood,and skating one of the, if not the only steel- sheeted ramp at the time.Brotherhood.All for five ducats and gas money.What a trip.The A-town boys were there and seems like I remember one of them falling out of their car on the way home and gettin’ seriously messed up? Memory fails.Many fond memories.

  2. Jeff Frank

    Dave from Scream? Ever hear of Nirvana? Foo Fighters? Yes, THE Dave Grohl. I’d say he did pretty well for himself. And yes, that show was nuts!

  3. Brynot

    I went to that show. The Bad Brains did not play. Scream only on the flat of the ramp. I think this may have been before Dave Grohl. Not positive on that. Government Issue in one of the outbuildings was a great show there also! Coathanger Delivery was a great band name.


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