344: The Legendary Raging Lamos live at CBGB’s NYC


Stevie “D” on Guitar/Vocals

Dr. K on Bass/vocal

Billy “The Kid” Shwarz on Skins

…The Raging Lamos rehearsing in NJ (late 80’s)


It looks like WordPress has given me the power to include audio in the archive so what better way to test it out then to pass along this opener from a Raging Lamos gig at CBGB’s NYC (not sure of the date)  If you want more RL’s let me know in the comment section.



01-Raging Lamos-live-at-cbgbs-1

3 thoughts on “344: The Legendary Raging Lamos live at CBGB’s NYC

  1. Irene

    Very cool!! Yes, I’d love more Raging Lamos! I’m more than happy to hear them again, so thanks for posting.

    Dr. K was my friend and roomie at Rutgers. If you have any leads as to how to find him please let me know.

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  3. eric flawless

    saw the Lamos in 1992 when i was in highschool.I was in love it was my kinda sh** while all my freinds were listenin to bouncing souls and that kinda garbage,I started a band called Pistol Whippin’.I got the name from the bands boogie woogie hi jinks tape.I was lucky enuff to see them reunite a few yrs back in new brunswick!I wish times were different I wish bands like them were still showin up outta nowhere and brighteneing up my life.Please any other fans who have any recordings let me know as they are hard to find-eric


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