328: I Skated Cheap Skates in the Long Cold Winter of 88

Here it is the elusive “Holy Grail” of stickers. I have received a lot of emails asking about this sticker and after 2 years it has finally turned up. We can all thank Irene Ching for saving this one from extinction. If anyone needs a Hi res scan of this for tattoo purposes let me know and I will shake IC down for one.

Thanks again Irene, you rule



4 thoughts on “328: I Skated Cheap Skates in the Long Cold Winter of 88

  1. Chris Faulkner

    OMG, I had a bunch of those back in the day. I wish I could say that I still had some but, ya’know, it’s been 20 years… Cool to see it though.

  2. Keystone Dan

    I had a hot pink shirt with tha logo on it. Gnarrrrrrr!

    I do need a hi res of this for a tattoo but I am looking for the one with the same dude skating but he is doing a lay back grind and there is some smoke trailing him. If anyone has that one let me know. I want to get that one in ink!

    Maybe I can get all of them done on my upper back? Ha ha.

  3. Scott Arnebold

    I would have to find them, but I have nearly every sticker that place put out. I remember skating it way before that bowl went in, and way before they even opened that other street area next to the vert ramp. If i find all my old skate stuff, i will upload it

  4. mike v

    haha, man, they used to give these away for free at Cheapskates. they were not cool back in the day but funny seeing it now.


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