311: Tag by Jay Henry Rhode Island Fred Smith’s Skate Hut


Henri on board once again! “Where is that bitch this time?” you must asking yourself. Back in good ole Richmond mother f-ing VA baby! I was communicating with Tag today via MyGaySpace (yeah, I know Tag on a computer, crazy!) and I decided to post this picture of the Tag master serving up a healthy portion of Roast Beef at Fred Smith’s park (whatever that thing was called) in RI.

This picture was taken with the help of Jim Noonan, who I handed the flash to and told to hit the test button like it was a the shutter on a camera. I told him to sit at the back of the roll out deck while I stood on the side and used the railing as a tripod. I set the shutter on the B setting which means it stays open as long as you hold it down, and held my breath and counted to 5. What I ended up with was this awesome shot of Dan Tag chucking a nice Roast Beef with the rest of the Skate Hut (that’s was the name) is seen in the back ground. Good job Dan, and good job Noonan!!!
Jason Oliva The House of Steam
Welcome back Jay (Jayhenryrules on Myspace) Everyone go an say hello to Tag on myspace as well.

6 thoughts on “311: Tag by Jay Henry Rhode Island Fred Smith’s Skate Hut

  1. Jason Monk

    Nice pic. I am on the lookout for pics of the Planet Earth demo that was there. I won the board toss and it would be cool to have some pics of the event.

  2. Crummy

    That was the first skatepark I ever went to, first vert ramp I ever skated, first and second hipper I ever had…back to back from hanging up on frontside 50-50s. Part of my hip cartilage shifted and I still have a bump. Its a Skate Hut bump…I’ll carry it to my grave.

  3. Sean

    I miss the Hut something awful. That place ruled! Skated there 5 nights a week and met some of the most hardcore mofos ever to step on a board! More pics of the Hut please!


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