300: Team Steam Trading Cards (series 1): Circa 1986


So here we have Series 1 (series 2 to be scanned and posted soon) of the Team Steam Trading cards. All of which were created on the old school printing press in our High School graphics arts department. No scans or xerox here just plain old Mr. Abella taught newspaper printing press/ dark room technology. I can still smell the ink and feel my bleary eyes after long hours of cutting class and hiding in the dark room. There are about 10 or so additional skaters in series 2 including The Barn itself and Team Steams House band The Raging Lamos. Look for another post with those as soon as I sort out a new British scanner.




One thought on “300: Team Steam Trading Cards (series 1): Circa 1986


    I remember working on these…The Tag, Jimmy, Rick & Rocky cards were all taken at the same session (notice the blinding white background – that’s snow for all you long-time west coasters) at the SLUG in Allentown. J’s card was at Froncek’s and Weep of course was at the Ditch


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