301: Coolness from En-Jay/SHUT ripper Derek Rinaldi!!

En-Jay Ripper and SHUT rider Derek Rinaldi 2008

Still Kickin like a chicken (as Weep might say)



The second anniversary of 
thehouseofsteam.com is just about upon us.

What began as a little place on the internet where old friends could post and view skate pictures & stories has grown into a destination site for reconnecting with East Coast skateboarding’s past.

Submissions have increased, traffic has been over whelming and the wheels are turning, so to speak.

The second anniversary of the steam site is not to be confused with the long history that Steam has in the skateboard community. Since 1985, TEAM STEAM has been synonymous with skateboarding and it’s components.

Before there were frequent traveling pros and instant media surrounding skateboarding, we, in New Jersey, had our own skate heroes to look up to.

We’d usually just get a passing story of what TEAM STEAM was doing, where they were skating and what tricks they were pulling off.

They would at times show up, skate and leave unheralded. And that was fine by them.

When the Steam guys went skating, they were going to work.  Blue collar skating at it’s best.  Raw, fast, controlled chaos.

If a crew showed up at your spot and the had the word “STEAM” written on their grip tape, shit was gonna go down.

The site is a testament to the legend of the steam riders.  Having grown up in New Jersey I would sit amazed at the way in which they would completely dominate sessions.

Congratulations Jason on two years of success and thank you to the original Steam riders for providing motivation and inspiration to New Jersey and East Coast skaters.

Derek Rinaldi 2008


Too cool!!

Jason Oliva


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