292: Benjamin Cornish presents: 78 Ditch

Video Benjamin Cornish

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Looks like Corn has finally opened the video vault! 

So this is the 78 ditch 1987 located in good ole N-Jay. I know this because I am driving (in the extended version we almost get into an accident) my red Super-Beetle and that is Dan Tags picture on the dash board. Skating  is Mike Pruskowski (shorts) and myself both sporting  vintage matching Burton Powdershells (which, while waiting to rent a snowboard at Killington 9 years ago someone offered me 900 dollars for) Black and red ramp ravaged  Air Jordons and a Pipeline skatepark t- shirts, oh yeah and I was skating an Alva board with really weird concave. Sorry no kickflips an such back then, just alot of grinding, snake runs and an occasional boneless.

too cool, More Corn Video’s to come

Jason Oliva


6 thoughts on “292: Benjamin Cornish presents: 78 Ditch

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  2. Steve McDowall

    Man this footage is awesome. Thanks Ben. Times were so simple back then. All we needed was a skateboard, a dirty ole ditch and friends to shred with. Ben, please bring more out of the vault.


  3. Cliff Compton

    Who are those little kids on that video anyway…..Jeez that was a long time ago…..Great stuff…More More!!

  4. DennisK

    If you look real close, you can see a chunk of flesh that was ripped from my right knee.

    Nice Vid Corn!

  5. Kevin McDowall

    You said it Dennis. I think we have all left a good bit up blood and flesh in the good old 78 ditch. Great video Ben.


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