264: Its the Bruthas Dave and Matt Padulo…checking in! Dan Tag’s ramp 1983’ish (Yikes!)

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Got an email from New Jersey’s one an only David Padulo, it read like this:

Stumbled across The House of Steam through a link on You Tube. Amazing archive of stuff here. I think you knew my brother Matt growing up in Warren. I’m sure we must have crossed paths. I skated with Dan, Jeff, Weeps, Rocky, Ben and the Kanes through the end of high school and unfortunately really lost touch with everyone when I went to college. Seeing all the photo’s brings back a flood of memories.
I have a ton of old photos of the first ramp Dan Tag and I built in his woods when he still lived on Red Hill Road and I lived on Olsen Drive. I have a bunch of our ramp as well, including a lot of shots from our driveway on the quarter-pipe. I’ll attach a few pics here from the ramp at Tag’s place. Thats me doing a backside grind while Dan looks on, the other is the full ramp with Dan landing a mute air, and goofy one of Rocky, Dan and my brother Matt. We must be around 12 or 13 years old. Amazing.
These might be too old school compared to the incredible shots you have here, but I thought you might get a kick out of them.
Keep up the great work!
David Padulo
Awesome pictures (exactly what I am looking for!!) here and hopefully more to come. I most certainly remember you (The Padulo brothers), we skated your quarterpipe and ramp on many an occasion. Great to be back in touch.
Dave Padulo at Tags Ramp 1983
Dave Padulo Mute air Dan Tag’s ramp (Dan Tag on deck)
1983 New jersey
Dan Tag at home 1983
Dan Tag New Jersey at Home 1983
Rocky Vertone Dan Tag Matt Padulo 1983
Rocky Vertone, Dan Tag, Matt Padulo..NJ 1983 Dan’s ramp
Well these are all total gems, cant wait to see more
Nice one Dave!!!

5 thoughts on “264: Its the Bruthas Dave and Matt Padulo…checking in! Dan Tag’s ramp 1983’ish (Yikes!)

  1. jake egolf, dehls inc.

    nice decks in the last pic, 2 caballero, a shrunken head zorlac deck and an alva deck. what would they be worth now !?

  2. Dave Evans

    Love to see the Jersey peeps represent. I built Silas Allen’s pipe in Summit, in 1985. Fond memories of travelling around NJ hitting all the ramps back in the day. Anyone have pics of our Summit ramp?

  3. DennisK

    NJ roots run deep. Great pics Dave. Keep sending those shots to Jason and he will keep posting. This is the House of Steam brutha!

  4. chris finegan

    Hey,everyone,I use to skate with Sean,Bill weiss,Dan Tag,Bucky lasek all the time. I’m from south Jersey near Atalntic çity,me,Boliche,Luis Gonzalez and Chuck Miller use to take the 3 hour drive like 3 times a week. I never forget the night we all crashed at Sean’s after a jam at çheap skates. His girlfriend had her entire leg in a cast. We met Rob Crowe as well. Anyway,just wanted to let you all know,Sean was awesome and I really miss him.


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