256: I was the one in blue shorts holding the pool cleaning squeegee….Magnusson, CCCC, 1986

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

I totally dig getting these emails.

Thanks for this Rick!

Magnussen 1986 cccc highest air

Tony Magnusson highest air 1986 Cedar Crest Country Club

Hi I was just perusing the internet to see if the famous photo of
Magnusson’s air existed on the internet…I can’t believe I found it how
amazing. I just wanted to correct the article written about it. My name is
Rick Faber from Orlando/Longwood Florida, I was the one in blue shorts holding the pool
cleaning squeegee (not a broom stick) marking the 11 feet we marked off on
the 2×4. We had just finished skating in the 86 pro-am at Mount Trashmore
before we headed up to this amazing structure of a ramp we had heard
about…what a setting, its sad it burned down. I will never forget the
sound of Tony’s wheels screaming as he soared up and way over my head to one
of the largest airs ever on a half pipe of this size. Also this photo made
the cover of thrasher magazine just can’t remember what month I think Sept.
but it was 1986 when that photo was taken. Later Magnusson t-shirts and
sweatshirts were made with this photo screen printed as a graphic, I used to
have the T and wish I could find another. Anyway just a bit of history from
the guy who measured the highest air.

Thanks for making my day dude!
Rick Faber


3 thoughts on “256: I was the one in blue shorts holding the pool cleaning squeegee….Magnusson, CCCC, 1986

  1. DennisK

    In the summer of 1986, I rode shotgun with Tom Groholski to the contest at Mt. Trashmore. Jeff Phillips (who killed himself in ’93) won. We stayed in the Vision Team hotel room with Gator (who raped & murdered a girl in ’91). At the contest, Gator punched a cop and was hauled off to jail. The scene sparked a near-riot, and Vision owner Brad Dorfman, bailed him out of jail. Dorfman had to pay extra for the Team Steam crew that stayed with hotel Tom and Gator. Tom insisted that I skate the warm up session with him and all the pros. He introduced me to everyone. I mostly watched from the deck until I got the boot from Frank Hawk. I know we stopped at CCCC on that trip. It was a skate adventure that I’ll never forget.

  2. Bruce Adams

    Bruce Adams chimmin in, I just googled skateworld, sure enough it came up and boy do I have submissions!!! This pic was taken by Pat Clark I took the black and white Magnusson photo that he used in his ad. It’s hangin on my wall with the ad right next to it. That’s Blaises sister Bonnie on the deck as well.I contacted Tony about sponsoring a contest a while back in exchange for the photo again, he also still owed me 50.00 for using it in Thrasher, which he never paid, so he hooked me up with my 50 bucks 20 years later as well as Osiris stuff!!!!! It wasn’t quite a cover shot, just a full page ad. I’ll send it to you tommorow. I also have some incredible Skateworld pics coming your way asap. Been outta touch, not much of a computer dude.

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