252: A New Years Message From En-Jays Derek Rinaldi!!

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I was asked to write a sort of end of year/new years resolution
article for a few publications and they all honestly came out the same
sappy shit you’d expect to hear. But when it came time to write the
one for THOS, something hit me. Well it actually hit me a couple
months ago.

This time of year we go from Thanksgiving where people express what
they are thankful for straight to the end year reflection and hopes
for a better, brighter New Year.

I sat back and thought about the year that had passed and how my life
was inherently different then in years passed. Through the downs and
then the upswing it was on a rainy night in NYC that my end of year
reflection took place. In an bar of all places.

It was after a video premiere that a bunch of people had assembled at
an Irish bar around the corner. It wasn’t long before we had the
place basically to ourselves. It was there that the discussions that
we had started tying up loose ends for me. Things that were obvious.
Things had taken place years before.

In the room was one of my first sponsors. One of the people
responsible for taking me from a small NJ beach town, and set me free
across the world.

When I first moved to the beach at age 13, I had very little
interests. I had some rock records, I watched some sports. But life
at that time and age was awkward. Moving to the beach I found
skateboarding and was introduced to a whole new genre of music and

My window faced the ocean but you couldn’t see it. A metaphor for my
life at the time. You knew there was something out there…you could
even hear it. But it was out of sight.

I had all new dreams in place. When I went to school, when I slept at
night, listening to the ocean. I was developing a small list of new
heroes. Skateboarders, Surfers, Musicians. Their pictures lined my
bedroom walls. Sleepless night would find me staring at the pictures,
wondering what life is like in those places. Only hoping to fall
asleep, just to dream about it.

Thinking back, It’s hard to remember when everything changed, I guess
it happened fast, but it didn’t seem like it back then. Hard to
remember how I went from dreaming of those places, to flying there at
will. From going to the store to buy school clothes, to having them
sent to me for free. From eating bologna subs on the boardwalk for a
dollar, with a soda, to having an expense account for breakfast, lunch
and dinner. Hard to remember when I became friends with those faces
on my wall. For years they stared at me, now they call at Christmas.

You can accomplish a lot of things in life. You can amass great
fortunes or a large collection of inanimate things. But to say that
you have lived your dreams, that your dreams actually came true is
pretty amazing.

So now, at a point where I am blessed to have traveled the world with
my friends for so many years and then to have worked a number of years
afterward, planning and saving for my future, it’s time to live in
it. The world is different to me again. It’s all new. Probably the
best time to think back. Not just about this year but back to all the

I’ll spend the holidays and the New Year with those faces from my
wall. The picture wall is long gone, replaced with real life. Or is
it still that dream?

Back in the bar, it was good to catch up with old faces. It’s funny
how it takes someone you haven’t seen in 15 years to remind you that
you have done everything you set out to do. I am thankful for that
night in the Irish bar in the city and thankful for that skateboard
company for opening my eyes to the world. But more important to me,
for being able to appreciate when they are closed. That is when I
truly found that the magic happens.

Here’s to a great new year, and to all those that will follow you.

Sweet Dreams

Derek Rinaldi

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Cheers Derek!!Hope everyone has a

great New Year!!

2008 should be an exciting year for The House of Steam—-> Cause its movin to London!! Yeah Baby!! Should be fun, I will try to keep up a better pace as long as the media keeps flowing!



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