250: The bullet hole in my Chevette……

Bullet hole chevette todd morrow

Todd Morrow’s Bullet ridden Chevette sometime in the 80’s

The bullet hole in my Chevette came from Rob & Ken

Rob Mertz Ken Sigafoos
our erstwhile heros!

screwing with some gangsters while stopped at a train crossing. When we started moving they started shooting. Sigafoos was about 3″ from getting shot in the back.

Ill send more.

Todd Morrow

Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Nice One!!

I dig the fact that the cops and robbers hated skaters.


Ps. Did everyone have a Misfits shirt back in the day?

todd Morrow 89 astro

Todd Morrow Thruster 1989 

5 thoughts on “250: The bullet hole in my Chevette……

  1. T.Morrow

    At the time I thought it was a b.b. pellet or slingshot, I only saw one of them hanging out a rear window. We found the .38 slug stuck in a dent on a cross member in the hatch. It was about 3″ from Sigafoos’ back.
    And I had a Misfits shirt before I ever met Ken Sigafoos, just for the record.

  2. jasonoliva Post author

    Yikes on the bullet!!

    I dig the Danzig shirt!

    Me and Weepy used to buy Japanese toys and Monster mags from Danzig at NYC Sci Fi conventions, he would set up as a dealer. We used to call him the “Roy Orbison lookin dude” until we realized (after Metallica garage days came out) that it was Glenn Danzig…too funny

  3. coyle

    todd tore it up from astro skates to the brandon ramp in gary’s backyard…now he skates like a sissy! jsut kididng todd…llebnwahs (shawn bell) and i are goingto sk8 ghetto today…u ready????


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