249: Hey Look, Todd Morrow! Dunedin 2007

 Jason Oliva The House of Steam

Sorry so slow. Real life has stolen my House of Steam time lately. But I “Musn’t Grumble” So here are a couple contemporary pictures of Skate Hell Team rider Todd Morrow. He is still ripping and getting his mug on the cover of the local skate mags! Todd sent i a fine stack of old school pictures I will be getting on with adding to the archive ASAP.Nice One Todd!

I just realized I don’t know where Dunedin is? Someone comment


Todd Morrow

Todd Morrow 2007 R & R Dunedin

Todd Morrow Just Skate

Todd Morrow Local Skate Zine Dunedin 2007

6 thoughts on “249: Hey Look, Todd Morrow! Dunedin 2007

  1. T.Morrow

    Thanks, Jason, for posting the pics. and just so everyone knows, my submissions were no ego trip. I sent in photos of Mertz, Mutz, Frazier, and others too.

    Dunedin is in Florida, just West of Tampa. The park is a Team Pain deal and is o.k. (a 5′ / 7′ / 9’+11’ext. clover), at least it’s the best I have, concrete wise, within a two hour drive.

    And thanks to Morris for both photos.

    I suck…

  2. T.Morrow

    Jason, I have a bunch of pics on my “MySpace” page ( http://www.myspace.com/toddmorrow ). There are pics of Frazier (current & past), Mertz, etc. Feel free to copy any of them, no photo credits, copyrights, etc. – they’re all public domain because they’re all crappy (some are VHS captures).

    Dunedin will host a Grind For Life and Florida Bowl Riders event in ’08. Sound like a good reason for Rob to come back to FL.

    And Rob, the teeth were gratis’. Jerry’s a nice guy. All you need to do is send me more wheels, bearings, and grip…lol. Trucks to fit a 8 1/2 would be cool too…


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